Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Four Brain Personalities that Accompany Moderate Brain-damage

From personal experience and observation.

1. Physical activism. Person may feel all activities are made to be physical and strenuous rather than intellectual.

2. "Over-active" personality. (In this case, it is not what it sounds like, and is NOT related to OCD or ADD). Person over-compensates for missing aspects of intelligence. Person may be happily pre-occupied with negative subjects.

3. Evasionism. Similar to OAP above, person may pre-occupy himself with a fake feeling of sadness or happiness combined with limited expressiveness, in an effort to avoid recognizing his problem.

4. Grandiose compensation. The person may over-act by making gestures which his brain thinks are highly significant, but which meet with limited appreciation from others. For example, he may unsuccessfully act like an intellectual. Often these gestures only seem significant because of the brain damage. But, in some cases the gestures are significant, but not as significant or not significant in the same way as assumed. This problem is characterized by not observing how pitiful the person's own life is. But the solution may be to embrace the illusion somewhat.

NOTE: I'm not sure if any of these are officially recognized diagnoses. And, the symptoms may occur even in uncomplicated brains that do not have brain damage.

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