Thursday, October 20, 2016

Very Good Sign for Perpetual Motion!

The coin rumored to beckon a new age when both sides are completely gold reached that state briefly when fingered in my hands. Previously I had seen Hamilton's hair turn to gold more than once, but this time the entire semi-circle of silver seemed to turn gold. I could also observe Monticello on the opposite side turning to gold. The first photo is from when the coin was gold and silver. It has threatened to turn completely back into nickel sometimes, except for a few places where I made bite marks into the gold.

This is a good sign for:
*Perpetual Motion
*The American Golden Age

In the past 24 hours I have eaten Cecco linguini, 2 Kind dark chocolate nut bars (with no fruit), a bottle of Mountain Dew, Honest peach tea, a few swigs of pomegranate juice, a Trenta iced chai tea, and a few leaves of Jiaogulan, a substance used for immortality, and it turns out a slice of untoasted whole wheat bread.

For information about my original transformation, such as a list of requirements and my eating habits on that day, see:

Note that the coin was already partially transformed when I first received it, thus I could interpret the legend of the coin.

And, here’s an image of the Philosopher’s Stone that my Dad supposedly found on a beach (and he then gave it to me):

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