Sunday, October 9, 2016


The only paper for which the motto is: "Coherence first and coherence second". Designed to be compatible with "Demonstrations of Degree Absolutism: Zero and Four Quarters Ontologies".

Tier 1: Systems

Sample method. Provide the best example of everything. Alternate: provide the best example of 'everything'. Successful if sufficient.

Provide a hiearchical list of examples. Problem: infinite, unbounded. List must be exclusive in length.

Provide laws of nature. Problem: either deterministic or 'open'. Laws seem to determine truths, which then determine laws, creating a cycle of indeterminacy.

Coherent system. One option: be exponentially efficient, as with categorical deduction.

Tier 2: Logics and Languages

Paradoxes (primary). Sometimes said to be unsolvable. Solution is the paroxysm.

Causality. This then that. The appearance of certainty, or the only certainty? Defined as 'a kind of meaning'.

Interpretations. 'Objectifying water is an important part of the water cycle.' --> new water cycle

Definitions. Semantic truth. Is there a semantic metaphysics? What about a metaphysical semantics?

Tier 3: Evidence and Variables

Gestalt. Nature is yellow. Simplistic in appearance. May be extremely true if nominally true. For example, nature is proof. Psychology is weather.

Psychic evidence. The best method says... X, Y, Z. So that's what it says.

Conjection. Noesos <--> Noises = Leaves and hairs and ...

Correspondence. Acceptability. Tradition. Association.

Tier 4: Identity

Soul substance. Feeling or no? Reason or no? Continuous or no? Justified or no?

Soul proof. Tautological definition or coherent or incoherent argument. Or better, method. Sometimes system, nature, metaphysics, etc.

Soul conditionality. Attribute / disembodied, or purpose / objective, or substance or proof or fiat.

Soul by fiat. The best evidence, such as necessity. No standard, but perfect comprehension.

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