Sunday, October 2, 2016

Steering a course for longevity

Dr. Gary Gesmonde, professor at SCSU gave this advice which proved amazing on the subject of immortality herbs and medications:

"Mind, Body, and Spirit --- that is the secret!".

In other words, avoid additives. Have good ideas. Avoid stress.

Following this advice, I came across:

Jiaogulan (in dry tea form): tumor inhibitor.
beneficial effects for the cardiovascular system.
improves "good" cholesterol, and reduces "bad".
may reduce glucose levels.
I have seen it for sale on Etsy for as low as about $12.

And, as a coincidental benefit, relieving tumors may be what you have to worry about if you have already taken Telo-Rx, which was the pill I was previously recommending (with caution).

Telo-Rx may be speed, and Jule of the Orient, which is a beverage tauting the benefits of Jiaogulan may be speed, but I believe the original powdered herb form of Jiaogulan is not speed.

So, perhaps this is something interesting.

Anyway, the important thing is that I did NOT spend $50 or $60 on "Jule of the Orient".

Amachazuru, a sweet component of the Jiaogulan plant, also sounds like ambergris.

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