Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Perpetual Motion Stock Market Prediction #20

18,291.00Price increase122.55 (0.67%)

The stocks spell simple gains, which suggests long-term gains if perpetual motion has been invented. The 18,000 number also predicts that in a reasonable time it has. Ironically some of the major opposition to this new economy is coming from scientists, creating a glass ceiling in the entire economy that originates in stymied innovation, e.g. young people with radical ideas that are not being believed by teachers and professors.

Look for optimistic moves from GE which I believe may have invented a device. They were smiling too much on television. But perhaps GE is having a tough time selling their device.

The numerology of stocks shows a mysterious optimism during this time, qualified by economic consumer icons (The F-22 fighter plane that helped jobs, but was never really used with the military, or the virtual platinum coins represented by the number 55 that seem undeniably valuable, but come at no cost other than infrastructure. There is also some suggestion of Harvard's Big Idea Group mixed in with the glass ceiling: the numbers almost spell a scrambled B.I.G. or B.I.H.: moving to the next level or evolving).

The market seems to think it is doing as well as it could in the medium-term, but this is clearly a lie. This is a sign that there are huge assets not being reflected in GDP, perhaps energy.

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