Friday, September 23, 2016


IDYLL Archetype: Magical papers can be formed, with five or more components: 1. It's soul, 2. A property, 3. A quantity or numerology, 4. An attachment to other arche-types, and 5. A Guide. Separately, we can also consider that the soul might be a recording of blowing leaves, or some other idea.

IDYLL Fantasy: The precise properties we want for reassurance are those that have already happened. For example, the beginning of the nutmeg trade in the Americas. Or, if you are already long-lived, you will remain immortal if you can acquire your past.

IDYLL Property: But, the exception to this is if the past was bad (like being a prisoner of war), and in fantasy this is solved by miracle cures like 'Purpenjuice' or some other magical substance.

The END OF THE FANTASY? : But, in the end we may only have dry formulas. But they can still be formulas for fantastic things! There is no rule against living a fanciful life. Little separates fantasy and reality.

The REQUISITION OF REALITY: Now, formulas can be found for practical things as well, and reality can even occasionally benefit from fantasy. For example, some subject indexes depend on the inclusion of fictional subjects, which expands the imagination, and there are literary formulas for souls, which can create an index of both known and priorly unknown literature.

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