Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Tips for Living to 300 to 400

1. Never too soon to age if you can recover. Don't fear age, fear total debilitation. Do what it takes to achieve a long-term mentality, with everything accounted for --- psychic level!!

2. Avoid hazards. Treat your health like national defense.

3. Slow and steady. Make gradual improvements. Never settle for worse. Treat every sickness as a bargain in your favor.

4. Do what you can do to remain cheerful. Otherwise, that's a lot of years to be upset!: Cheerful and old, wonderful and cheerful and young and old. The mentality of immortals!

5. Life is a product of the good things, whatever they happen to be. If we can avoid depression and pain, or find meaning in life without or with those things, we have so much longer to live.

6. The key may be to ' not feel foolish when you reach 100' as one centegenarian said. Or, to be wise at 200, or to know magic at 300, etc.

7. The key might be to 'keep your mind loose and have ideas' as Lao Tzu and the Chinese god of longevity may have suggested. Have the vigor of ideas.

8. Grow and change with the things around you. Practicing arts like painting and T'ai Chi will give you a reason to learn from others when you're about to disconnect with the world. Practice connecting with the world on a deep level, and your future may reward you.

9. If you can, think of future lifetimes in such a way where you can justify extending your life. You may have to think about ways of being more than one person at a time, or reincarnating with a connection to your past, or with a future self and a future avatar. Practice timelessness like time travel and permanence where possible.

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