Saturday, August 13, 2016

Real Theatre: How to Create Drama

1. "Back, back with a heavy heart...!" This shows the importance of the title character.

2. "Julie, do you know this person named Moody?" Real drama shows the faults of its characters.

3. "Almost the apocalypse... And we have just now learned to turn a few coins!" It is obligatory for every theater person to experience bad theater, and this may involve secondary roles and throwaway lines.

4. "Julieclipse, oh my Julieclipse! What has befallen you? Why the gray hair? How will we sew up the years that passed between then and now?" Dramatic monologues fill up a lot of the extra space, expanding the dramatic experience for the audience.

Theatre is by far not my forte, however, I thought I'd lend my voice in case it offers a kind of objectivity. The above was actually largely interpreted from my unborn child, who may be interested in acting.

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