Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Quotes Late August 2016

"An absurd view: There are drugs and rocks. Some rocks take ambergris."---Nathan Coppedge, for lack of a better source

"All we need is subjective food for all particles, and the universe runs itself."---Nathan Coppedge

"There are recursive history trees, and sometimes they dance!"---Nathan Coppedge (originally August 2001, was interrupted)

"The only good causes are values with standards for pleasure with meaning. The only good cause is meaningful. The only good is meaning."---Nathan Coppedge

"It is basic intelligence to realize the trickery of the world, and the sufficiency of fascination." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Good problems are keys to middle knowledge."---Nathan Coppedge

"Improved society involves greater visual complexity and a higher tolerance for perfection."---Nathan Coppedge

"Zen is like the philosophy of objects. Many logics seem to amount to aesthetics."---Nathan Coppedge

"Some things are true, and some things are false like incoherency." ---Nathan Coppedge

"You could say the cause is whatever created the sun, or whatever specific thing caused us to think THIS thought at this time. And so on endlessly until the causes aren't causes anymore." ---Nathan Coppedge, paraphrase of Aristotle from memory

"Aristotle is the only one who is the cause of causation. If one imagines the causeless cause, we get mythology. One can discover mythology by abnegating Aristotle." ---Nathan Coppedge

"It is only by the impossible standard that things begin to persist. Impossibility is an archaic standard of coherency." ---Nathan Coppedge

"What is probable can be actualized. Therefore energy force concerns mass." --Nathan Coppedge

"In all typical cases, self-possession lies between solitude and fame."--Nathan Coppedge

"In an expensive system, everything exotic = 2-d time." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Deduction tracks assumptions, and coherent deductions can be used to map knowledge."---Nathan Coppedge

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