Wednesday, August 3, 2016

I.Q. Optimization

I'm 'celebrating' my recent lower I.Q. by being completely crazy. Now I will offer advice on how you can boost your I.Q. without taking a test, with barely any effort at all...

1st Quadra of I.Q.
1. Do you test poorly on academic tests? Less than 100.
2. Do you always struggle when you get good grades? About 100.
3. Do you do well in some subjects? 120.
4. Do you do well in advanced subjects like engineering and mathematics? 140 or higher.

2nd Quadra of I.Q.
100: you feel average.
110: you like art for the first time.
120: you can write a lot.
130: you sometimes think about advanced mathematics without doing the math.
140: you have calculus ability.
150: you can do some highly advanced mathematics.
160: you do some unique stuff.
170: you are one of the best.
180: you are outdone only by the greatest geniuses.
190: you can invent advanced fields from the ground up.
200: you have unified knowledge of advanced fields.
210: you know the future of advanced fields.
220: disciplines are largely interchangeable.
230: one can make any fool look like a genius by thinking about it.
240: one can think of everything completely differently.
250: one can rigourously define perfect reasoning.
260: the life of ideas is a pantomime.
270: the fruit of knowledge is all-too-literal.
280: irony has no meaning. It's very un-baffling.
290: you try to abbreviate everything in your life.
300: one can solve important problems no one ever guessed existed before.
310: perpetual motion?

3rd Quadra of I.Q.
Invent a movement: creative I.Q.
New theory of knowledge: logical I.Q.
New theory of souls: religious I.Q.
General solutions to problems: practical I.Q.

4th Quadra of I.Q.
Extrovert, sex, intuition: EQ
Prolific Artist: visual I.Q.
Build things, make technical drawings: engineering I.Q.
Philosopher not depressed, wisdom I.Q.

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