Monday, August 15, 2016

100 Mind-Seals


The concept is borrowed from several pages in The Blue Cliff Record, one of the most venerable Zen Master teachings. A mind seal is essentially a magical communication similar to the legendary magical papers which can be used only once. Only these can be used more than once. They have lasting effects that tend to be subtle, global, or personal, and are often permanent. Fully one hundred mind seals are included in this collection, including magical themes as basic as life and constitution and as abstruse as immortality, time travel, and perpetual motion. The book features the magical properties of each mind seal in perfect four-part sets for each example, proving that mind seals are objective phenomena which meet particular magical criteria. Readers will be pleased with the depth and vivaciousness of this work, which attempts to turn an abstruse subject from Zen Buddhism into another type of subject---one worthy of aspiring wizards, with sufficient technicalism to convey subtle magic. The statements, which range from single sentences to long paragraphs, are stated in quotations to mark them off from the descriptive matter. The book is recommended for anyone interested in the occult.

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