Friday, July 29, 2016

Spells "At the Edge of the Wood"

There is a local store called the 'Edge of the Woods' but this nothing so official as a performance there.

'Burbarb' A possibly fake spell I learned from my mother for scrubbing countertops.

Take one longevity pill (just once) and wait for the effects to wear off. Then cast permanent rejuvenation and sing the Eternal Song.

Also, utter 'quicken feet' to rejuvenate legs.

Foibles or Sayings of the Novice Wizard (or Witch?)

Obligatory image so I can post on Pinterest.

An attempt to be coherent.

1) What do we know but immediacy?
2) The soul is in the first world!
3) The frustration saved us all!
4) He's the best man!

1) I wiggle, and make a wiggle spell!
2) Jim-jam and a djinn 1,2,3!
3) Tall trees, standing by the road! Enchantment!
4) An old tolerance for new magic!

1) The cities grow like trees.
2) What kind of wizard?
3) A bit of Auberny, and a bit of gold. Alchemy!
4) It is magic! (birds of paradise, for example)

1) Something arises from this?
2) A dark spell of weather!
3) The dead shall rise!
4) What remains of the sorcerer.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Genius Foibles

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An attempt at coherence.

1) perhaps pen and paper? It works for me! (A little ideosyncracy)
2) Gardening... poetry?? Or mathematics? (Love, scholarship)
3) Identical... And yet... different! / The exact way to... etc. (Preciseness)
4) Will you give us a moment? (Discovery, exclusion)

1) I have absolutely no significance!
2) Perhaps I am one of the greats!
3) I will solve the ultimate problem!
4) No problem remains unsolved!

1) Geniuses all think alike! (Comraderie)
2) Perhaps I am different! (Self-pity)
3) For the love of ideas! (Abstract emotions)
4) You haven't the slightest idea (indulgence)

1) Intelligence is everything.
2) Nothing is insignificant.
3) Otherwise it would be coherent.
4) Everything becomes incoherent.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

220 Followers for the first time on Twitter!

Online Physics Courses

My Dad recommended I take one of these physics courses, but I have been reluctant.

Anyway, if someone feels like taking one of these courses, you can almost certainly learn more about physics, but not necessarily more about perpetual motion, than Nathan Coppedge.

Here is the link:

Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Rhyme of Immortal Time

What if I live to 102?
What if I live to 93?
What if I live to 111?
What if I live to 84?
What if I live to 64?
What if I live to 109?
What if I live to 102?

If one is rational and intuitive, the first age that repeats has some probability of being right!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Immortal Questions

1. Maybe someone is immortal?

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Quotes Late July 2016

"The power of ideas comes before magic."---Nathan Coppedge

"Every time has its own body of secrets. Without learning new secrets, we die."---Nathan Coppedge

"In general, much of what is spiritual happens only because of perspectives that develop from good choices."---Nathan Coppedge

"In a sense, timelessness is the 2nd dimension of time." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Age is an advanced idea for immortals alone."---Nathan Coppedge

"Understanding that reason is a luxury is very helpful."---Nathan Coppedge

"Beauty is, on second thought, an adaptation to consciousness."---Nathan Coppedge

"2nd degree materialism is harder than 1st degree spiritualism."---Nathan Coppedge

"Continue your quest even if you die. Therefore, you will live."---Nathan Coppedge

"The relation of philosophy to science becomes one akin to the relation of abstract to representative art, respectively."---Nathan Coppedge

"Technology becomes the realization of how arbitrary, functional spaces are interpenetrated."---Nathan Coppedge

"The genius is the alien, as the alien is at least the genius."---Nathan Coppedge

"The most expensive thing is making everything cheap."---Nathan Coppedge

“Purpose is not the only purpose... / Meaning is not the only meaning… / With leisure comes philosophy… / And with philosophy, philosophical meaning…” ---Nathan Coppedge, in the face of mass unemployment and the advent of free economics

"We can learn to hold onto the powers which we actually do possess. For example, insanity."---Nathan Coppedge

More Quotes:

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016


An encouraging telepathic conversation with someone I took for Edmund Scarpa led me to reconsider what is meant by functional PMM. The result was this very simple modular design, which I have great confidence completely works!!!

by Nathan Larkin Coppedge
philosopher, artist, inventor, poet
author of over 80 books
artist extraordinaire

It is also available on Wikimedia Commons at:

Errata of the Mechanists #9

According to academic science, the number of "nobodies" is growing.

Monday, July 11, 2016


1. I have a principle of immortality.

2. Gods are not divine if they are not immortal.

3. A true philosopher is immortal, or a failure.

4. I can discover the secrets of the soul, metaphysics, omniscience!

5. Maybe it's only me: maybe only I am good.

6. But subjective immortality, if it is immortality, is not so bad...

7. Maybe I'm lost in the world.

8. The world passes away, maybe that is why.

How to become great? What is the progression?

1 Month above 300,000th author on Amazon


Sunday, July 10, 2016

What is the Best Way to Enjoy Life and be Successful at It?

My sense of the wisdom of how to live a good life is both tentative and absolute:

  1. Retract attachment to all people and things. You don’t want to be persuaded by mere opinions, as this will lead to confusion and bad feelings.
  2. Think about the good life. What is most worth doing? Can you do it? Is it difficult? How much work will it take?
  3. Develop a secure home base. Find an income that is reliable, even if it is very small. This may require convincing relatives that you are worth it, committing to a job, completing your education, or taking charity. Use your home base to create a reliable platform for success.
  4. Now, indulge your feelings about the good life without feeling regret. What are small things you can do to improve your life? What are you doing slightly wrong? What are dangers you can avoid? What would be most helpful? Can things just continue as they are? Are you being unrealistic? What can change? Have you found your center?
  5. Create more or less structure where necessary. Remain optimistic. Change will occur.
What you have to watch out for is that some people have achieved all these steps in high school. But relative success is still possible.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

A Reply to Critics of Coherence Theory

There are objective-oriented theories of coherence as well, predominately in my own work. See:
You will also find that Wikipedia on coherence does not support the idea that it concerns subjectivity or relativism.
The real question is, ironically, whether coherentism has a rational foundation without an empirical one, which is one reason I agree with the older notion that coherentism is opposed to correspondence theory rather than foundationalism.
Recently, correspondence theory has been dominating in academia for strange reasons, and people are beginning to assume that coherentism is a form of correspondence theory. But that is not very true.
My theory relies on the idea of exclusive categories that are accurate relative to the ability to construct knowledge. This is not relativism in any traditional sense.

I now have 4 Reviews of the DPT, 3 at 5-stars!

Ask for your own free review copy! Write to contact [at] nathancoppedge [dot] com.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Quotes Early July 2016

"The best explanation I have found for mental health disabilities is that they may be (or may not be) rhetorically justified." ---Nathan Coppedge

"If we are not creative, we will not get a good world, and yet creativity occurs without judgment." ---Nathan Coppedge

"I’m not sure there is a satisfying answer while we are unsatisfied. After all, only satisfaction is satisfying, just as only the quality of decisiveness is decisive. I call this relative absoluteness." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Paradoxical realism is the beginning of absolute realism." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Making people depressed should be the most elaborate thing, according to idealists, but the alternative suggests simple ways of coping." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Divination is like the evolution of sacrifice." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Sometimes I believe in artificial artificiality: every substance is plastic, so nothing is plastic. This seems to be one key to the fourth dimension: a universal standard of miscellaneous meaningful substances."

"Much of progress is catch-up from a different perspective" ---Nathan Coppedge, wisdom of the new ancients

"To die might be to live, if to die is to die! While I die I am dead." --- Nathan Coppedge, wisdom of the new ancients

"History withholds ALL of its secrets, except those designed for the present time."---Nathan Coppedge, wisdom of the new ancients

"If we do not argue that rationalism falls into coherent and incoherent categories, we are forced to adopt a non-relativist position, because we cannot argue for absolute (coherent) relativism, or subjective (incoherent) relativism. But, both coherence and incoherence render relativism in a trivial form. In coherence, relativism must be universal, contradicting multiplicity, and therefore existing in the form of measurement. Incoherence also measures relativism, although through irrationality. Thus, both uacceptable forms of relativism  consider it to be merely a form of measurement. Now the extension of relativism requires the extension of relativism's triviality, and this leads to no assumption of relativism in any major systematic category. The conclusion is that relativism is trivial."

Nathan Coppedge (Personality: INfP-a)

I was concerned that my personality was changing recently. But, as it turns out, when I took the test again, I tested again as strongly introverted, even more intuitive than before, and even more prospecting / perceptive than before, and once again my feeling is almost tied with thinking. So, not much change there, just more of the same! (I may add, however, that the test asked me to exaggerate some of my responses on a 7-point scale, which means that essentially I must have answered the questions in the exact same way as before...):

You can take the same test yourself at:

Friday, July 1, 2016

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