Saturday, June 11, 2016

A List of Possible Arcane Diagrams


1. System.
2. Form.
3. Tool.
4. Iteration.
5. Lemma.
6. Index.
7. Art.
8. Standard.
9. Chinese Box.
10. Level.
11. Path.
12. Wisdom.
13. Idea.
14. Arch-puzzle.
15. Craft
16. Episteme
17. Archetype


1. Quadra, Category, System, Analogy, Boolean, Corollary, Prescription, Ancillary, Metaphor

2. Formulus, Formulary, Excession, Doorway, Form, Formus, Postulate, Premise, Pick

3. Conflict, Paradox, Bromide, Battle, Account, Table, Brittle, Process, Prodoxysm, Versus, Meagre, Idol, Terriformus, Deltus, Rege, Riddle, Tool

4. Paroxysm, Syllogism, Symbol, Product, Causality, Inference, Acerbic, Dactyl, Broachment, Iteration

5. Parasol, Parasollaxus, Axus, Axillary, Trellise, Trellisary, Eteration, Correction, Eridi, Elidi, Lemma

6. Seive, Frame, Taxis, Card, Code, Index, Letre, Milt, Mink, Mint, Apartment, Tarriff, Ward, Sermon, Zestre, Mold, Hand, Tabard, Field, Test, Cleve, Wild, Feme, Frieze

7. Paradigm, Parable, Art, Composition, Experiment, Forge, Fear, Phraze, Femera, Rote, World, Package

8. Modus, Modulary, Modulars, Modularity, Isometre, Isometry. Standard, Isoma, Somes

9. Lure, Roman, Tether, Dress, Teacher, Wizen, Stamp, Dust, Duelle, Crime, Spiel, Lance, Rucket, Chinese Box,

10. Tape, Classifier, Mark, Wrung, Clasp, Golden-, Clamp, Bracket, Fillia, Gild, Tier, Level

11. Flower, Path, Formila, Trake, Truck, Gilden, Flicker, Tripe, Timbre

12. Complex, Prism, Promathy, Derrick, Token, Torrential, Wisdom

13. Spire, Feather, Diagonal, Weather, Idea.

14. Conclave, Hadean puzzle, Arch-puzzle, Arch-knot, Word of power, Identical, Tower, Piedemont, Questre, Flux

15. Craft, Ruelle, Noble, Drisk, Peddle, Fourrelle, Noah’s Ark, Wield, Nostre, Rattel, Twist, Pippe

16. Game, Proper, Item, Basic, Tablet, Token, Interface, Episteme

17. Metaphysik, Semblage, Mechanic, Schemat, Meaning, Arche-fact, Archetype

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