Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Middle Initial Divination

A. You are being watched.
B. You need to get physical.
C. Over the rainbow.
D. Under the bridge.
E. Choice between doors.
F. The door to your right.
G. There is a troll under the bridge.
H. You can think of yourself.
I. Watch out for the bed.
J. Reach out to someone.
K. Ricochet.
L. You can be right.
M. The swervy path of an ant.
N. Good and evil.
O. Everything all over again.
P. Somebody did what?
Q. It's the twins.
R. Jump and grab.
S. It's black and white.
T. You're supporting someone.
U. You have animal magnetism.
V. You get the point.
W. For you, mathematics is everything.
X. You cross the finish line.
Y. You consider your options.
Z. For you, there are other options.

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