Friday, May 13, 2016

What do you know that other people don't know?

Via Quora:

Perhaps most of my insights that really seemed like insights relate to exceptions in reality.

In the wisdom department, I know that it is usually the very beginning of a thought process that can lead someone down the wrong path. A lot of people don’t seem to question their assumptions, or feel satisfied accepting some degree of imperfection in their past. Even though perfectionism runs the risk of stress and madness, its one of the best ways to pursue the best life.

Once we accept perfectionism, many choices are more arbitrary than we think. The stress we bear from day to day is sometimes an arbitrary choice based on what we merely ASSUME is appropriate. We can feel better by training ourselves to be patient, and make slow turns towards a healthier mentality. For example, it is possible to become vegetarian, to avoid depression, or to be more intellectual. However, these options imply changing more than one thing about one’s life simultaneously.

At the root of it, what inspires us is the least flexible thing. If we can change what inspires us, we have the ability to change everything about ourselves.

Collectively, these ‘secrets’ are very powerful for creating change in one’s life.

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