Sunday, May 1, 2016

(The Doctrine of Meaning)

When the answer is neither extreme pleasure nor extreme pain, what emerges is meaning.

Meaning is neither precisely information, nor precisely psychology.

Meaning is neither spiritual nor virtuous, but it fulfills the criteria for both.

Meaning is a modality which gets results.

It is allowed to be complex, rational, spiritual, or philosophical to reach its aims.

If unsuccessful, the aims of meaning do not have products.

It is possible to imagine meaning without products, however that requires difficulty.

Meaning is like an old man who knows he can achieve youth.

Meaning is eager for results.

It is perplexed with its own advantageousness.

It is important not to make mistakes.

But the mistakes of meaning concern art and metaphysics.

They are not so directly concerned with the practical.

Meaning creates its own form of practicality.

Meaning is meta-practicality.

Life can be meaningful, by definition.

If we do not live by meaning, we die of insignificance.

Hence I say: ‘While I die I am dead’.

With meaning there is life, with life there is meaning.

Anyone can be an artist. Any artist can find meaning.

Anyone alive can wonder about metaphysics.

And metaphysics can have meaning.

With meaning there is life, and with life there is meaning.

Meaning is exponential. Knowledge is proverbial. Wisdom is ecstatic.

---Nathan Coppedge
May 1st, 2016

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