Sunday, May 15, 2016


"Science is satisfied when everything is normal. Art is satisfied when everything is perfect. People are satisfied when everything is divine. But the world is only satisfied when things are complex"
---Nathan Coppedge

"There are about six figures in philosophy against analytic impossiblism that I have noticed, living or dead: Elias Canetti, Novalis, Lichtenberg, Alexius Meinong, Quentin Meillassoux, and myself. With few exceptions, everyone else seems to believe in un-imaginative variations of analysis, or a bias towards philosophy of science. The progress of philosophy has been inhibited by an inability to apply gestalts, while psychology has been single-minded in pruning out otherwise useful philosophical absurdities."
---Nathan Coppedge

"(Explanation of Perpetual Motion:) It is much like a wheel... It has a cyclical process...
It has potential momentum at every point... And it tends to have more horizontal than vertical motion... As a way of creating a proportional advantage..."
---Nathan Coppedge

"(About perpetual motion) It's not necessarily logic, it's engineering..."
---Nathan Coppedge

"First I looked at the macrocosm, and saw that it wasn't physical. Then I looked at the microcosm, and saw that it wasn't mental. Finally, I looked at the soul, and realized that it was literal."
---Coppedge or Aquinas.

"It's not that I'm so rich that it works, or so diabolical that it works, but I just might be so clever that it works."
---Nathan Coppedge on perpetual motion

"It's not always how it seems, but things might be better or worse in the future."
---Nathan Coppedge on perpetual motion

"The only argument potential gods have against their enemies is to sacrifice other potential gods. Therefore, the absolute god has no enemies, or no potential, or no sacrifice, or no divinity, or no
argument, or no uniqueness, or no reason, or no existence. Eight dimensions." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Incoherence breeds coherence, inefficiently and efficiently simultaneously." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Real wisdom is both common-sense and rare." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Life is worth living if we do the right thing, and it’s up to us to determine whether we want to know why." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Notice [the philsopher's quality-point system]... goes from concept-intensive, to idea-intensive, to logic-intensive, to work-intensive [in descending order]. It also depends on your level of activity to realize the full idea of each level. A very successful graduate student is usually not a public intellectual. A very important public intellectual is not always famous like Picasso. Picasso does not necessarily found a religion, and a religion is not always as philosophically important as Greek philosophy." ----Nathan Coppedge

"Immortality or timelessness is difficult. The simplest method is to acquire youth.... Re-capturing history by time-traveling does not always reverse the aging process... Becoming timeless is the difficult part. Neither youthfulness nor time-travel necessarily results in timelessness, although both are related... You might try to create a time-loop in the same location, but this is about 1000 times more difficult than time travel, and might cost a lot of energy." ---Nathan Coppedge

"A wizard is very likely to study theology, if it’s good enough... The rumors at this point point towards certain fabled children who fall into alternate histories, feeling the anaphasia (wizard word meaning drama) associated with it... it might be possible to imagine something similar [to the
white wizard] existing, albeit in a restrained fashion, or with a radically different experience of the world... If there are wizards or witches, there is a chance they don’t identify with something as simple or ordinary as the color white. Magic tends to involve subtlety, multiple colors so to speak. And a desire for power. Such a desire is sometimes evil at its root, even when the effect is good. They may be willing to make compromises about ordinary people that they would not make for magical people. And at that point it begins to tilt towards the dark. Another answer that may be more official is that white wizards exist amongst wizards much as debutantes exist amongst the rich. Perhaps that is a more satisfying answer." ---Nathan Coppedge

"[In every possible universe, will 6 unit circles always completely surround 1 unit circle?] No, because in some worlds spatial connections are causal in the same way time is causal for us. The specific way geometry works depends on the metaphysical variables like time, the soul, materialism, and mode of interpretation. Other types of variables, or different concepts of the same variables, and different numbers and combinations of variables might exist in another universe."
---Nathan Coppedge

"If the system is ‘pure’ (as is rarely the case), then organization defines itself,  much like a work of art. If that is the case, then all the choices are basically artistic: complexity and perfection, like a visual display." ----Nathan Coppedge

"The focus in social science then tends to be on ‘data that expresses itself’ leading to a certain simplicity. The focus at that point can shift to proof, which is perhaps a deception."
----Nathan Coppedge

"Parsimony (e.g. this or that aspect expresses simply, then ask is simplicity desirable, and can other factors be integrated." ----Nathan Coppedge

"Scientists turn to parsimony, and philosophers turn to metaphysical speculation or something specific. My own discovery was the specific universal, which I take to be revolutionary. Essentially, specific universals can be measured independent of their reality, thus creating analysis."
---Nathan Coppedge

"What is the source of morality? Perhaps the following: •A long life is more valuable than a short life. •A short life can be forgiven. Using this principle, the only way to be blamed is if one lives a medium-size life. But such is ridiculous by any standard! Therefore, if we have a standard (longevity or forgiveness), we are forgiven. But there is no getting rid of the standard. Hence morality."
----Nathan Coppedge

"Life is exceptional to the extent that it is spiritually conservative. Yet the meaning of this is far from clear." ---Nathan Coppedge

"If objectivists work with eachother, something eventually breaks... If a standard cannot be held, the broken thing becomes superior to many truths of history... The objective progress is the progress per se..." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Pleasure is made from the memory of all the gentleness that ever was…" ---Nathan Coppedge

"The wrong aesthetic is the end of life… We cease to be life when we cease to be art…" ---Nathan Coppedge

"The artistic choice is a terrible choice: it requires a philosophical mind… For this reason, it is the philosophers who seek immortality…" ---Nathan Coppedge

"At least the beginning of life is simple… After the beginning, complexity begins…" ---Nathan Coppedge

"Having a valid interpretation of a golden age is like having another golden age." ---Nathan Coppedge

"If energy can be destroyed, it can probably also be created. That’s the sneaky fact that physicists are avoiding." ---Nathan Coppedge

"I'm an animistic rationalist about reincarnation. I think people with a history of consciousness are more likely to be reincarnated. However, it requires rational input to attract a future life. Over-thinking it is not necessarily helpful. Paradigms may be gained or lost. Karma is a factor, but not the biggest factor for appearances. Intellectual development is important for intellectuals. With sufficient mental development, it is unlikely that one will become an animal unless one is careless and wishes for it. At a complex level, one must be honest enough to know what one is saying to the universe, because if one is insincere it is more likely that something random will happen to you. Having no deep, sincere, honest opinion is like conceding to the worst."     ---Nathan Coppedge

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