Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Applicationism: so far as it can't prevent pain, philosophy is basically a reasoning enterprise.

Typological Wholeness: whole numbers are fairly sacred.

Process = Progress: if you want to add more process, it has to mean something.

Whole-Part Relations: subsets matter for the set.

Binding Formulas: oftentimes, logic requires specific formulations.

Maximal Incompleteness: if you want to be complete, you have to be good.

Coincidental Genius: what makes something good is that it is good, not that you think it's good.

Tropism: different rules hold under different conditions.

Standardism: accept or reject the rules, but formalism first and informalism second.

Populating the Data: structuring a system may require populations of lesser concepts.

Degrees of Abstraction: modes are clearly less than systems, but more than variables.

Conquer the Problem of Identity: avoid arbitrariness. Use acceptable categories.

Be Rigorous: make sure a system is a system, and not an arbitrary system.

Use Readable Language: more than being simple, being legible.

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