Friday, April 22, 2016


Usineosis means "No age / agelessness".

Here is a short writing abbreviating my first major clues about its coherent meaning:

A. The easy is not hard: Relax as much as possible.
B. Hard is easy: Have a principle of longevity.
C. What is not easy is not hard: Make adaptive selections.
D. Easy is hard: Live long.

This might be a major clue about the system called anti-aging, and may eventually be featured at my Systems Theory page!

It is a response to a bus driver talking about someone who had Alzheimer's, and how it wasn't a good way to die. Translating the above, one should relax and feel stupid sometimes so as not to over-stress the brain. This can reduce risk of 'brain-pressure' that can lead to Alzheimer's. The principle of longevity keeps the brain in a patient, long-endurance state that is more adapted to having high-functionality experiences late in life: 'continue thinking about the future!' Making adaptive selections is an extension of the principle that leads to eating healthy foods and avoiding discomfort and other negative conditions that could make one become more mentally passive. The ultimate lesson is 'live long', and this can be relative within trying circumstances, but becomes more objective if someone reaches 80 - 120.

Take these lessons seriously!

Usineosis is now featured at my systems page under Immortal Systems:

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