Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Real Perpetual Motion Experiment 1

This experiment conducted on April 5th, 2016 aimed to defend the Perpetual Motion Pendulum Type 1, and largely met with success.

However, there is still an issue in that I have never managed to make it work with a fixed member holding the tether, only by steadying it with my own hands.

However, it seems too close to call from my vantage point. Perhaps technical modifications could make it work with something less sensitive than my hands. However it DOES work with my hands, so perhaps some kind of swivel arrangement on top would work just as well.

The market I went to this morning didn't react very much when I tried to declare perpetual motion.... The audience either didn't care, or thought I was twisting the strings or adding energy some other way...

The only photo I took in the cafe with the contraption.

My hope is that April can become a month for unexpected genius as well as foolishness.

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