Saturday, April 16, 2016

Quotes Late April 2016

"I recognize that if everything were realized, the ideal world would in fact be the practical world." ---Nathan Coppedge, April 2016

" 'Practical' is the most ideal word in a higher language." ---Nathan Coppedge, April 2016

"Women are the hours, and a goddess is the day, so time is an alien form of life." ---Nathan Coppedge, April 2016

"Categorical deduction sets a higher standard. It is never right about everything without referring to everything." ---Nathan Coppedge, April 2016

"In qualifics, everything is take-it-or-leave-it. As soon as we have something un-justified, the question to ask is if there is something to justify it."

---Nathan Coppedge, April 2016

"As a rule, meaningful nature is what is superstitious to nature (such as literature or existentialism), new meaningful nature is what is superstitious to warfare (such as paradigmatic citizenship or wisdom), ideal nature is what is superstitious to economics (such as lack of problems, sci-fi philosophical golden age), and 2nd nature is what is superstitious to meaning (such as transcendentalism and metaphysical knowledge)! These rules may be important in realizing the stages, on some level!"

---Nathan Coppedge, April 2016

"Science is unethical that lacks excitement in studying any area, however obscure. The soul of science may be its universalism."

---Nathan Coppedge, April 2016

" 'Devil' permits 'Anti-Devil': that's what every so-called devil realizes... Not much is required for anti-devils, but perhaps a devil is required..."

---Nathan Coppedge, April 2016

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