Monday, April 18, 2016

"Philosophy program nixes universal puzzle of prognostication"

(computing the souls of literature)

Or, link directly ignoring the Tweet: Ancient Book Design Program

Heck, I'll just re-post all the original content here:


     Soul of the book =

             If you [X] qualifier [subject] [opp X]

     Title of book =
     Usually: [quality of X] [opp qualifier]
     For perusal, or quick use: [opp qualifier] [quality of X]

The easiest way to use the formula is to generate original souls and then find the corresponding titles by finding the most essential, knowledgeable quality of X and then finding the opposite of the qualifier introduced in the soul of the book.

Together with the soul the title provides a basic index of the value of any text, and permits exponentially efficient reading.

For example,

     Soul = 'If you die early enough you live'.

     Title of book = 'Bad Archaic'
     Bad [= qual. of die] Archaic [=opp of early]

Another example chosen more arbitrarily,

     Soul = 'If you live surely truth may die'

     Title of book = 'Optimal Uncertainty'
     Optimal [=qual. of live] Uncertainty [= opp of surely]

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