Saturday, April 2, 2016

Perpetual Motion Stock Market Prediction #18

17,792.75 Up 107.66(0.61%)

The computers appear to be on auto-pilot, and the effect is not very bad. Either that, or they are getting serious about not making their choices visible in numerology.

Continued role for inventor, particularly since according to my prediction, when the market hits 18,000 there will be a requirement to build perpetual motion.

The numbers themselves read AOG.FF suggesting skipping over some types of big stocks and focusing on new trends.

The numerology for the overall number shows 17, which stands for profitable innovation, and GIB, standing for big funds, government, and virtual reality (issues / concerns / profits).

The small detail GE added to GIB again suggests perpetual motion, and possibly the importance of modeling a perpetual motion machine. Again, the computers may know perpetual motion is possible, but they are restrained because of human intervention or a lack of program.

Architecture is also in the details (increasing real estate values in big cities), and the computers apparently took the advice I gave to focus on big numbers, judging by the 2s and 9s, which symbolize larger-scale mathematics.

The repeated number '7' shows a focus on complexity in the future, which may be one of those flags you can no longer detect after awhile.

Of course, from the Microsoft vantage point, the focus is also on new technologies, but not necessarily perpetual motion.

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