Saturday, April 2, 2016

Interface Euphoria 16.0

Fenneled Warbler: The name every bird should have, because everyone loves this name. Think virtual reality, or Earth theme parks.

Finnucane: The drug that does different things, always improving the person. The name may last long after the actor / movie disappeared.

Radical: This can be the standard name for the reticule in a high-level editor or creation game.

Anamathematics: The name for a math system that is all about creating beauty that is so amazing its mathematically difficult.

Temp Module or Modulocracy: The surprising name for a technocracy in which the president is just whoever fits the job description in any given second. And they do it for pay. A pre-req is eliminating the capacity for nuclear war.

Entealism / Entalation: The art form of being ideal entities, such as by evoking, processing, scintillating, and referencing. Kind of an A.I.-can-be-the-personality concept.

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