Thursday, April 28, 2016

Advanced Concepts for the 4th Dimension

Divine Democracy.

Divine Authority.

Divine Longevity.

Creative Art.

Creative Time.

Creative Tools.

Holy Architecture.

Holy Ritual.

Holy Silence.

Sublime Genius (epiphany, fantasy, coherency).

Sublime Beauty (archetype, sorcery, love).

Sublime Weather ( 'psychology', fantasy).

Perfect Knowledge.

Exponential Knowledge.

Universal Knowledge.

Enchanted Music.

Incanted Scrolls.

Natural Lore.

Natural Religion.

Natural Modality ( "logic, travel, and transformation (death)", divination, rumination, 'casting', ensemble).

Magical Objects (amazing-'wonderfull', interesting-'ching', multi-functional-'actual', visionary... vs. en-'thrall'-ing slavery).

Inherent Ideas.

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