Thursday, March 24, 2016



In Feb 2016 I summarized what I called The Principle of Universal Causation: "It is the universal nature to create nature (design interface); after creation, nature has variation (dimensional nature)."

In other words, what is not dimensionally collapsed and efficient or causal / essential is simply originality.

Therefore, essential cause first exists as creativity, then it exists as cause, then it exists as sheer potential.

Although I have had doubts at times, the rule of three seems to follow from the reductive insight that the universe is either original or unoriginal, and if it is original it has an original element, but what we know is a product of that element. 

Everything else is either sheer potential, such as energy and mass, or a structural component like time and space. If originality is seen to be perfection and little else (since there is no better basis for originality than perfection), all other results seem to develop through complexity, which means that dimensionality is the only result of causality.

Thus, the chain of originality ---> causality ---> dimensionality seems to hold, when we superimpose the corresponding elements of (perfection), (essence: cause and effect), (complexity: energy and mass and time and space).


---Nathan Coppedge
philosopher, artist, inventor, poet

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