Sunday, March 6, 2016

Perpetual Motion Stock Market Prediction #17

17,006.77USDUp62.87 (0.37%)

For the first time, the machines believe in magic. That's what my divination says.

Of course, similar things were said around the time of the crash of the early 20th C. (?).

But the economy has grown considerably since that time, and it isn't all just hot air. Some of the growth comes from real industries, and much of the rest of it is 'money making money'.

The magic I'm referring to is the number 77, similar to Aleistar Crowley's book on magic called 777.

There is in fact another number '7' in the series, but it is separated by FOUR DIGITS. This shows optimism on the part of any AI that is controlling the system. For example, why not 776 instead? That would suggest a return to American independence, and thus a lack of evolution. 778 would be more nondescript---it doesn't really remind anybody of anything, except maybe a commercial aircraft.

006 on the other hand, sounds like James Bond, which just means 'killer market', right?

So, my conclusion is that 17,006.77 represents optimism on the part of the machines.

It's also a large number by traditional economic standards. So, if you put those together it means 'reason to feel optimism'.

Numerologically, 62.87 means 'above average' and 'leading to the 90's' which may just mean that the market believes my advice that there is potential for digital marketing type companies and corporations like Dell and Microsoft.

+0.37% means pessimism or a collect-them-all mentality about social media (there was a website called 43things), as well as optimism about perpetual motion (the inventor is said to be a 10 or 20 meaning the machines are thinking about major improvements in the 17 - 27 year range. I don't know what that means to a computer, but it might be exponents versus human pessimism. There's a suggestion that no one is getting the whole story. Reporters are missing the real news stories, such as one about free energy, objective knowledge, or the solution to paradoxes).

Additionally, in general it is good news we have reached the 17,000s, because if we reach the 18,000s we're in perpetual motion territory again. Again, this doesn't necessarily mean that it hasn't been invented. It might mean that a company (likely the government or a foreign government) is already making money on perpetual motion.

Even without perpetual motion, America is the richest nation in history, and there is reason to be optimistic, provided that there is a strong military or an optimistic global philosophy.

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