Monday, March 28, 2016

Nathan Coppedge answers: "What is life in a nutshell?"

Via Quora:

Life is meaning and morals.
Sometimes there's meaning, and sometimes ethical behavior is required.
If there's no meaning, and no ethics, then it's like there's nothing there.
Maybe art, but that's kind of like being in limbo.
We can try to preserve what we have, but if it's not meaningful, it probably has a moral.
If there's no moral and no meaning, what do we have, science?
Science is logical so it is meaningful, or it's not science.
Everything lies between art and science, and between meaning and morals.
In the middle there's logic. But logic by itself doesn't mean anything unless we know how to apply it.
Another view is the view of philosophers, which is not so different.
We can divide life into Metaphysics, Logic, and Ethics, or we can divide life into Modes, Systems, and Values.
We start with a modality, and if it isn't good, we get punished. 
Sometimes we can preserve logic in a system.
If we don't have meaning we find values.
If we don't have values or meaning we get depressed.
If we avoid depression we find philosophy.
If there are unsolved questions then science and logic get involved, or maybe existentialism. 
That's about it.

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