Wednesday, February 24, 2016


In roughly chronological order:

1 - 8 years old. Interpreting the Taken-for-granted.

I had the theory that wisdom follows from observing the obvious with great perception. Through this technique, the less obvious becomes evident. For if nothing is observed, nothing can be perceived.

9 years old - 18 years old. Age before Youth: Principle of Wisdom.

At the Age of 9, I vowed to become immortal. My principle was to sacrifice my beauty for practicality. If I once suffered and felt old, in the future must lie youth and pleasure.

19 - 23 years old. Double-Black Shirt.

In my late teens and early twenties I thought of myself as having my own belt system. It was always about intellectualism, and never involved wearing a belt. If I could just be exempt from karate, that was worth some points. I gave my white belt away, and focused on spiritual ascendence. The distracted method seeemd largely productive.

24 years old. Theological Machine: God from Engineering.

In 2006 I thought of the Tilt Motor, which I felt could solve the world's energy problem. It was not just a machine, but a surrogate for God's corpse. This, I argued, was significant for history. Nietzsche was one big process of ignoring some fundamental detail. In this case, perpetual motion.

24 - 27 years old. Time-Traveling Karma.

After I designed perpetual motion I began to time-travel. I traveled five or six times, one time aided by an avatar of Jesus. I used my travel experiences to help Barack Obama become president. I also collected what information I could about classical immortal knowledge--- knowledge which might exist 'outside of time'.

28 - 31 years old. The God Project.

I had an unusual reflection with Jonathon (non-sic) Keats, who was developing projects to sell higher-dimensional real estate (an avant-garde project) and to find God's DNA. My own contribution, which I did not directly share with Jonathon, was to develop the nascient field of Omni-Science, in other words, objective knowledge on all subjects.

32 years old. Solution to All Paradoxes: Luminescence.

The next year, in 2013 - 2014 I found what I felt was a solution to all paradoxes. This had the effect of officiating (from my own perspective) my status as an intellectual. For the first time my un-assigned papers were being read by academics.

32 - 33 years old. Dimensional Religion.

I began a project called The Spiritual Writings between 2014 and 2016, recording videos of my guru-like lectures on dimensional religion. This was the start of something new and original: beliefs collected by a presumed mortal from the obscure corners of Omni-Science. An aesthetic and logical spiritual movement which encouraged moderate pleasure and the ethical combination of perfect complexity.

32 -33 years old. The Metaphysical Art.

I wrote a series of important writings called The Metaphysical Art, establishing for the first time a transcendent relationship between metaphysics and ritualized behavior in the world. I even made it into a screenplay, hoping to sell it to TV viewers.

33 years old. The Categorischte.

As my knowledge of dimensions grew with the experience of answering questions on the internet, I hit upon numerous solutions to metaphysical problems. I explained the current existence as the 3.5 dimension, wrote numerous writings giving lists of meaningful categories (such as 78 Binary Laws and 6 Theories of Metaphysics), and established a connection with the method of Principle-Puzzles between the method of Omni-Science called categorical deduction and 4-dimensional metaphysics. Then I hit upon further insights that I published in The Metaphysical Critique.

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