Sunday, January 17, 2016


This is a method of extending life, using many-worlds theory and ontological existence.

1. Get a clue.

The future is there to be understood.

Develop any number of degrees of guesswork to find the instance of your future that makes physical sense.

Predict things such as:

A. Where will I travel to?
B. Will I be active or passive?
C. How far will I travel in the local area?
D. What will be the form of my body's movements?
E. What will be my pattern of motion through rooms?

Finally, decide to some extent, as if in terms of rules, how or where one will be in a few minutes,
days, or decades.

2. Improve your mental attitude.

Part of sharing in your future existence is sharing in your future brain.

Your future brain in a sense, exists NOW.

You want to realize your future physical, if not mental brain.

And you want your current brain to improve.

This specifically involves connecting with your future self.

When you have some physical energy from the future, your mental energy can improve.

3. Feel the Strands of Your Future Body!

Realize that even the future is a dynamic place.

The present expresses the future in terms of the past.

The past, when it is close to the present, is close to the future.

Gear the present to the future by using the past!

If you can, imagine that the past is still alive!

Imagine that the future already has consciousness!

Attempt to live the 'eternal present'!

The way to gauge the eternal present is your level of health and well-being!

If you are even marginally successful, you can have a long life!

4. Manifest your future body!

A. Develop continuity with the past.
B. Manifest the present.
C. Feel the strands of your future.
D. Manifest the future in the present, in terms of energy.

Consequence: the future will have more energy.

One side effect to avoid: weight gain.

You may have to try dieting along with this plan.

It is a sign that your temporal presence is increasing!

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