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Quotes Late December 2016

"Atoms are in defense mode, by definition. That is why they are hard. Real life is naturally defenseless and organic. All that can be done is raise the standard of inclusion in such a world." ---Nathan Coppedge

"By the time we're immortal, principles are more plastic than people." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Both evolution and perfection pose their peculiar problems, even though they are the primary options." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Everything changes without change." ---Nathan Coppedge

"(1) Wouldn't that be nice? A new ornamental X, a new filigree Y... It leads to ideas about life... It might lead one to think great things... It might lead one to lead a new life. (2) One has a certain degree of tolerance. Then one notices... There is an ancient problem. An archaic bug... The bug, although it is old, has enmeshed itself in everything. Now one requires a critical attitude. Everything outside the self is corrupt. (3) There is a remaining problem. One thing doesn't work. One conducts some kind of process on the thing. Some kind of energized occurrence happens. 'Lightning comes down'. Suddenly you are trespassing on God." ---The Metamorphosis by Nathan Coppedge, quoted in full

"The future of civilizations will likely see us as a small part of their distant past, and near the beginning of the singularity of their present." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Actually, we just need to make a notation that something is bad. So, bad is an objective term, because it doesn't mean anything unless something is bad." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Subjectively, we are free to consider ultimate systems unimportant if we wish. They do not stand on social authority, but rather on their usefulness to those who have found relevance for them. Thus, the assumption that ultimate systems are irrelevant is a specious claim unless the system is absolutely addressed in its own terms. The only way to prove a system is irrelevant may be to prove that it is a system of irrelevance. And that may be hard to do within the terms of the system. For otherwise there is no way to absolutely disregard such systems. In this way, there is a similarity between rejecting emotional and systematic claims, e.g. because both must be addressed absolutely on their own terms." ---Nathan Coppedge

"I believe there is no upper bound (on the intelligence of an A.I.) except complexity-density. At some point complexity is just represented by a symbol for 'complexity’ and things keep going from there. Since I have already theorized beyond quadruple semantics, I think sometimes new dimensions may eventually be required to create complexity." ---Nathan Coppedge

"I am seeking immortality because I feel my life is cheap enough, but I also feel that my life is significant enough to mean something rather amazing. I am almost unconcerned for how I feel. I am more concerned with the path of history, and how excited people are about my ideas. It is my hope that people are excited, and if they are excited enough, great things are certain to take place and defy the pessimism and meaninglessness of much of prior history. I feel that I have invented a kind of impersonal arrogance, the arrogance of real knowledge, and such arrogance even exists without a personality. It can exist without life, and inspire those who have felt nothing but pain."

"[I]t may be possible to prove that some particular conceptual or computing problem had to be solved during the break, and then it could be estimated how long it would take to solve the conceptual or computing problem." ---Nathan Coppedge, answer to 'If we could freeze time, how do we measure how long time was frozen?'

"In my view, everyone should be immortal, and over-population and real estate is fundamentally an economic question, not an ethical one." ---Nathan Coppedge

"I have theorized about a planet in which all transportation occurs through time-travel. If it works in a similar way to many-worlds theory this would allow real estate to be extended in the fourth dimension." ---Nathan Coppedge

"The major opportunity for A.I. is to benefit those who already have an advantage, and to enhance the quality of human information." ---Nathan Coppedge

"The reason I believe in the view of the metaphysical continuum is essentially that information may have a standard, and standards may vary, and the universe itself may evolve. Another argument is that different numbers of dimensions probably have different standards of physical properties. If different physical properties have different laws, that implies another universe, and there is no way to refute the existence of other universes by referring to existing laws." ---Nathan Coppedge

"In my vision, if perpetual motion succeeds we will be considered as part of one long industrial age, the age of machines, whereas if it remains in obscurity, we will be part of the sad robotic age, in which the inherent potential of technology ran out." ---Nathan Coppedge

"The post-logical idea becomes the proving-ground for new formalistic concepts." ---Nathan Coppedge

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A Highly-Qualified Schizophrenic System

For those of you who might want to examine my most deeply-held beliefs, here they are:

Past Review: The "Spy Letter" of Perpetual Motion

A letter addressed to a mysterious organization around 2008 may have been the beginning of perpetual motion...

The letter will also be available soon at

The recent update on this story is that I saw GE executives laughing too much on television, so perhaps they have built one.

Supposedly I'm dwarfing the 4th Earl of Chesterfield...!

For now... on one website...

Over 1000 Unique Visitors

In the past year to my Academia page.

Up to 200 in the past month!

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That explains everything!

Short sentence-examples of explaining everything.

What is philosophy in a nutshell?


Make art. Realize your imaginative possibilities. Look for symbols.
Develop a menu of symbolic modalities. Organize them. Discover their meaning.
Extend the best logic ad nauseam. Form a universal system where possible.
Generate all itera of existing methods. Exaggerate where necessary. Technicalize where necessary. Elaborate where necessary. However crude, the existing system is the basis for all derivatives.
Focus on a detail. Take part of the detail suitable for stylistic representation, and select it for use as a system.
Repeat, form other systems. “Bring to bear all things in one watcher”.
Form sigil-motifs to summarize and streamline existing symbols and systems. Use these as call-expressions for common logics.
Eke the best method. Form new works. Elaborate. Simplify.
Focus on only the best work. The soul of the system.
Explore major alternatives. Piece together intermediate areas.
Cheat: leap to this point and invent something new to extend the life of the system. For example, relativity, or perpetual motion. Work within existing conventions, and break them.
Work on prediction and limits. Improve intelligence. Find intuitive methods. Go back to the beginning.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Decimille: Systematic Extension of the Decimal System


Pars: means a particular irrational number chosen to represent an aspect of decimille.

Systems Fragment: is a length of an irrational number which lies between the first digit and the second repetition of the number four in quadratic systems, five in pentallic systems, etc.


Typical Example: Pi

3 = Macro-importance of exceptions (represented by the number '3').

1 = Micro-importance of unity / geometry (represented by the number '1').

4 = Micro-importance of quadratics (represented by the number '4').

1 = Un-parsability of quadratics (repetition of unity over quadratics, represented by the number '1').

5 = Micro-importance of dimensions beyond 4, e.g. to parse the number '4'.

9 = Micro-importance of the decimal parsal of '1' via the decimal limit of '1'.

2 = Micro-importance of set-theory represented by the number '2'.

6 = Micro-importance of dimensions greater than '5' e.g. to explain the 5th dimension.

5 = Un-parsability of pentallics (represented by the repetition of the number '5').

4 = Exceptional un-parsability or arbitrary semantics of quadratics, represented by the second repetition of the number '4'.

Less Typical: e

2 = Macro-importance of set-theory.

7 = Micro-importance of unsolvability.

1 = Micro-importance of geometry for unsolvability.

8 = Micro-importance of the 8th dimension for solvability.

2 = Un-parsability of set-theory.

So, the string 3141592654 is a decimille system derived from pi, shown above.

The string 27182 is a decimille system derived from e, shown above.

Basically, these are numbers which appear in matrixes which signify mathematical relations to proof theory and its limits.

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Perpetual Motion Stock Market Prediction #21


The market has not only reached 18,000 again, but has actually reached 19,000. This is a sign of shrewd A.I. and renewed emphasis on investment banking.

Once again the presence of the number 17 indicates that there is a dependence on Nathan Coppedge either for perpetual motion (e.g. Nathan Coppedge's value for stocks) or philosophy (17 may be the only way to meet the citation requirement for philosophy systems if these are used for the bulk of investments. And this may be unconscious).

The number 42 in the details is also auspicious, suggesting a turn in A.I. towards significance-oriented projects (e.g. 'life, the universe, and everything'), which could mean sentient A.I. from the standpoint of a computer.

The 42 also suggests an ongoing obsession with the perpetual motion discovery, although it is still evidently under wraps, maybe for political reasons.

The number 19 represents the sun and the Age of Reason, which could mean that this is the Space Age, and could also mean a return to Renaissance or Enlightenment ideals.

The signs are strong that the number will increase to 20,000 although continued optimism may depend on public disclosure. Unfortunately, at this point income stratification may be a strategic advantage, but this will be less true in the future, even while stratification is likely to increase.

A major opportunity will be the improvement of the public welfare.


...Currently in the Top 180,000 authors for one straight month...

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Coppedge, Nathan. Alien Comm Workbook. Charleston: CIP, 2014.

Coppedge, Nathan. Analytic Possibilism. Charleston: CIP, 2016.

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Coppedge, Nathan. Archemesis: The Meaning Bible. Charleston: CIP 2015.

Coppedge, Nathan. Autobiography… Charleston, CIP, 2015.

Coppedge, Nathan. The Banned Classics (One-Page-Classics Vol. 2). Charleston: CIP, 2014. $9.99 (44 Pages).

Coppedge, Nathan. "Basic" Platonism: A Journey Through Plato's Cave. Charleston: CIP, 2014. $9.99 (68 Pages).

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Coppedge, Nathan. A Collection of Masterful Zen and Sufi Koans. Charleston: CIP, 2014.

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Coppedge, Nathan. The Dimensional Artist’s Toolkit. Charleston: CIP, 2016.

Coppedge, Nathan. The Dimensional Biologist's Toolkit. Charleston: CIP 2014, 2015. $12.99+ (326 Pages).

Coppedge, Nathan. The Dimensional Book of Quotations (The Dimensional Critic’s Toolkit). Charleston: CIP, 2016.

Coppedge, Nathan. The Dimensional Defense Toolkit. Charleston: CIP, 2016.

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Coppedge, Nathan. (Nathan Coppedge's) Hyper-Cubism: Post-Cubist Drawings and Paintings. Charleston: CIP, 2014. $74.58 (414 Pages, some color, not glossy).

Coppedge, Nathan. Hyper-Literary Philosophy and Hyper-Philosophical Literature. Charleston: Charleston: CIP, 2015.

Coppedge, Nathan. Intermediate Insights. Charleston: CIP, 2014.

Coppedge, Nathan. Metaphysical A.I. Charleston: CIP, 2015.

Coppedge, Nathan. Metaphysical Semantics. Charleston: CIP, 2014. $6.67 (58 Pages).

Coppedge, Nathan. Modal Dimensionism. Charleston: CIP, 2014.

Coppedge, Nathan. The Modist: A Philosophical Manifesto. Charleston: CIP, 2009.

Coppedge, Nathan. The Ninesquare Notebook: An Objective Knowledge Manifesto. Charleston: CIP, 2014. $14.99 (106 Pages).

Coppedge, Nathan. The Old Incantations, or, Sorcery in the Dark (Poems). Charleston: CIP, 2014.

Coppedge, Nathan. Omega Plans. Charleston: CIP, 2014.

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Coppedge, Nathan. Picture Feature (Avoiding Scams). Charleston: CIP, 2014.

Coppedge, Nathan. Poems by God. Charleston: CIP, 2014 (real date).

Coppedge, Nathan. Properties, Systems, Paths, and Levels. Charleston: CIP, 2016.

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Coppedge, Nathan. (The) Symbolics. Charleston: CIP, 2015.

Coppedge, Nathan. Systems Theory (Formal-, applied-, rubric-, etc.). Charleston: CIP, 2016.

Coppedge, Nathan. Tao Te Ching: Translation of Translations. Charleston: CIP, 2014.

Coppedge, Nahtan. The Techne. Charleston, CIP, 2014.

Coppedge, Nathan. Theories of My Youth. Charleston: CIP, 2016.

Coppedge, Nathan. (The) Tractatus of Dualities. Charleston, CIP, 2013.

Coppedge, Nathan. Worthwhile Magical Things To Do. Charleston, CIP: 2015.


Kuo, Master. The Lessons of the Master. Charleston: CIP, 2014.

Kuo, Master, The Story of Master Wu. Charleston: CIP, 2014.

Plus, Les Escrits Spirituelle and Die Goldenen Notebook [translated using software]

And Designs and Theory and Autobiography bound set.

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Quotes Early December 2016

"Metaphysical variables are additional to materials, worlds, and dimensions." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Systems Theory: I've embibed the meaning of much of that work." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Make art. Realize your imaginative possibilities. Look for symbols. Develop a menu of symbolic modalities. Organize them. Discover their meaning. Extend the best logic ad nauseam. Form a universal system where possible." ---Nathan Coppedge, The Methodology of Systems

"Exaggerate where necessary. Technicalize where necessary. Elaborate where necessary." ---Nathan Coppedge, The Methodology of Systems

"Some... details fly in the face of perpetual motion’s traditionally foolish character. It is now more like... an aspect of the psychological unconscious. Part of the realization of human immortality."---Nathan Coppedge

"It is my belief that where there is intelligence, there is also higher purpose... particularly if considerable thinking about it happened first." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Very often there is something exceptional about everyone’s path." ---Nathan Coppedge

"I expect of God (or whomever, demi-gods, nature spirits, etc.) some degree of importance suited to my degree of attention for my life,and my own self-respect for intelligence." ---Nathan Coppedge

"I regret to tell you, I believe (my) time travel is sort of like history showing off..." ---Nathan Coppedge

"I notice that the phrase ‘dream’ might sort of translate as d- for dimension and ‘ream’ for books. One way in which dimensional thinkers seem to have overclocked the system." ---Nathan Coppedge

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Coincidentally, #42

Is this obscene?

Current (global?) status on Quora for those topics (Nathan Coppedge). See: to view all rankings.

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It turns out I have more views than Allison McEnnis

More views this month than someone I thought was a famous psychic...

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Annals of History: Cute Gods

Cute Gods always look old.

Relative absoluteness.

2-d Time.

Ways of growing tiny brains

Once at a lab I thought I heard someone saying I had the tiniest, most complicated brain she had ever seen. And she may have said my forehead was just for show. Ever since then I have been paranoid about my brain, and have attempted to make it larger through personal effort. Perhaps this guide will help others who are concerned about their intelligence.

1. Invisible brains. Theories about what's missing.

2. Network theory. "The universe is your brain." Imagination.

3. Ooze. Having sensation.

4. Denying a malignancy. Being sophisticated.

Before this my brain's personality was "death" but afterwards I can feel like it's helpful.

Four Brain Personalities that Accompany Moderate Brain-damage

From personal experience and observation.

1. Physical activism. Person may feel all activities are made to be physical and strenuous rather than intellectual.

2. "Over-active" personality. (In this case, it is not what it sounds like, and is NOT related to OCD or ADD). Person over-compensates for missing aspects of intelligence. Person may be happily pre-occupied with negative subjects.

3. Evasionism. Similar to OAP above, person may pre-occupy himself with a fake feeling of sadness or happiness combined with limited expressiveness, in an effort to avoid recognizing his problem.

4. Grandiose compensation. The person may over-act by making gestures which his brain thinks are highly significant, but which meet with limited appreciation from others. For example, he may unsuccessfully act like an intellectual. Often these gestures only seem significant because of the brain damage. But, in some cases the gestures are significant, but not as significant or not significant in the same way as assumed. This problem is characterized by not observing how pitiful the person's own life is. But the solution may be to embrace the illusion somewhat.

NOTE: I'm not sure if any of these are officially recognized diagnoses. And, the symptoms may occur even in uncomplicated brains that do not have brain damage.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Quotes Late November 2016

"As soon as we realize animals are conscious, we also realize humans don't want to become animals." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Time is not just one thing: that's relativity."---Nathan Coppedge

"Technology: consciousness, matter, structure, dimension."---Nathan Coppedge

"Secret cards: money, adrenaline, prestige, or secret knowledge."---Nathan Coppedge

"The point: the mote of meaning. The oval: perfection and complexity. The triangle: the potential that existed in the beginning or else the ideal case; the alternate imagination or the ideal that exists now; the ability to predict and manifest possibilities. The square: divination, critical theory, truth-objects-tools, intuition."---Nathan Coppedge

"Life is rare and exceptional... therefore, if something goes wrong, it is something wrong with the big picture."---Nathan Coppedge

"If they came from a mysterious, deserted place where nothing happened, then they believe God is a mysterious idea that fills up space."---Nathan Coppedge

"Understanding of social hierarchies: +1,000,000 If you eat buddha-eat candy."---Nathan Coppedge

"The Sun is a singularity."---Nathan Coppedge

"The beauty of nature might well be beautified."---a mysterium by Nathan Coppedge

"Causes are timeless, but have location within time." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Efficiency, although good, creates metaphorical waste." ---Nathan Coppedge

"I will reiterate what other writers have said, that if a writer loses dignity, everything desirable is lost, with the possible exception of a lingering, incoherent purpose, the duty of which is to find significance." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Complexity and perfection combined might permit the trellise of reality, the isometric hierarchy..." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Just as ants are not significant to ants, it is likely humans are not significant to humans." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Based on innocence, some of us are becoming what we are not. On the other hand, some are knowing what we are. We seem to be not so different from the place we live, growing wiser than we are." ---Nathan Coppedge, or someone wiser.

"The more you know about something specific, the more you hate poets. But the more you know about something general, the more you hate the scientists. All that is left of God is the poetry of the universe. All of this put together is the soul of worthless thoughts." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Good intentions are the finest information, and yet not universally legible. In this universe, much is based on giving gold to God. Anyone with conceit is forced to smash their own ideas, which tend to be great to the extent that they are conceited. Only humble philosophers survive! The aim of life, and at such a price!" ---Nathan Coppedge

"Philosophy is exactly like the matter of the universe!" ---Nathan Coppedge

"Most of my happiness is just the rain falling, balmy wind, or the smell of leaves, combined with a little philosophical meaning. I love it when my notes don’t get wet, and when the sky turns purple. Sometimes I feel like a wizard. I have found it is important, unfortunately, to keep all of this outside my head." ---Nathan Coppedge

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Currently ranked #35 for black magic!

I'm actually somewhat blue (formerly green)... So, I don't know whether that's good or bad news to be listed for dark magic, but perhaps scientists should take note...

Friday, November 11, 2016

Top 1% on Academia

Free Energy
Category Theory
Black Holes
Graphical User Interfaces
Contemporary Art

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Inspirations (Mythology)

1. The Wind (Aolus).
2. Oxygen (Stimulus).
3. Clouds (Morpheus).
4. Trees (Sophrysene).
5. The Sea (Oceanus).

Or, in a bigger picture, the wind, the land, and the sea (processing, data, and formulas).

Now averaging

more than 1 sale / day for two months on Amazon.

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Nathan Coppedge's Artwork Valued at $1 Million

For years I pondered where that $1 Million deposit to my old Sovereign bank account came from. And I finally solved It! The money came not from a payment for a screenplay, Nobel, or perpetual motion prize, but rather from a $1,000,000 check for a painting I received on the street.

When I went to the bank, the bank teller thought it was a fake check, but I told her to try to cash it anyway, maybe it would go through.

Anyway, I lost confidence because of what the teller said, and I even tried to have the man who gave me the check arrested. But it just seemed like too much trouble, so I told him he could have the painting, a million dollars or not.

After that, I assumed it was all over, until an unimaginable time later (around 2009), the check cleared in my account.

Since I didn't know where such a vast sum had come from (having still assumed the check was fake), and fearing taxation or some kind of unwilling loan scheme, I told the bank to return the money to whoever has sent it!

Being unaccustomed to such monies, I never drew the connection and it wasn't until much later, on the day before the Presidential Election in 2016 (today) that I realized the money came from that check!

So, long story short, although the money has been returned to the sender or kept by the bank, at least still I now know that my artwork is occasionally valued at $1M.

Because of this awareness, I have now officially cleared the first major hurdle to being a famous artist in my lifetime.

Commercial Gallery Hyper-Cubism:

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Quotes Early November 2016

"The existential sublime is precisely that domain which exists now, and is the lingering ritualization of the complex and perfect." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Information does not exist without relevance, but that is an objective structure." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Relativism can always be relativized again." ---Nathan Coppedge

"The brain is one form of metaphysical realization. And a brain may be nothing other than a form of metaphysics qualified by thought. And telepathy is no more than a communication property of this object." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Telepathy may be classified as a metaphysical variable, a form of communication between thoughts. An often imperfect relation between multiple intentionalities that is responsible for much learned behavior, and is often precipitated by outward signs. " ---Nathan Coppedge

"In the third dimension, we all live inside a variable. Thus, metaphysical dimensions are a measure of universal coherence." ---Nathan Coppedge

"What I call normal I.Q. is a measure of how bad people are." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Relevance to relevance is what defines objectivity. Therefore, truth is higher than information." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Arcadia may be the greatest idea if it is thought of by a philosopher in a padded cell!" ---Nathan Coppedge

"Everything is infinite through perception. Just my intuition of the moment, based on the theory of infinite depth." ---Nathan Coppedge


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The Golden Notebook
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    #202 in Books > Politics & Social Sciences > Philosophy > Methodology

Forthcoming book, Analytic Possibilism


By Nathan Coppedge


An optimistic philosophy granting powers to the critical faculty...Thoughts can have the properties of nature as a way of tasting nature...Metaphysical possibility exists in at least two senses...The view held roughly by Elias Canetti, Novalis, Lichtenberg, Alexius Meinong, Quentin Meillassoux, and Nathan Coppedge.

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Saturday, October 29, 2016

How To Act Like A Prospective Nobel Prize Winner!

"Not impatient, not impatient"

"I'm about 34, maybe forever"

"I'm no journalist"

"I must commend myself!"

"I don't even know what that means!"

"I'm not even a Zen monk!"

Friday, October 28, 2016

Sort-of hilarious conversation on Quora about someone who thinks I'm 100% delusional may be worth reading (not too depressing):

New Milestone

Fully 60K views this month on Quora!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Interface Euphoria 17.0

Concepts for VR applications...

Angel of Cakes. In a mansion. In a garden, etc.

ConcertMe. I summon the orchestra.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The "Equal Arguments"

I don't really believe Protagoras, but I've attempted to re-construct him:

It turns out

All but 10 of this month's 28 e-book sales were refunded. Yet the majority of book reviews are 3-stars and above.

So parents, give your children an Amazon gift card or something!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

All Tools Involve Trade-offs --- Exactly!

Recent post by R. Scott Bakker found at the excellent blog:

"What Plato could not foresee, of course, was the way writing would fundamentally transform human cognitive ecology. He was a relic of the preliterate age, just as Krakauer (like us) is a relic of the pre-AI age. The problem for Krakauer, then, is that the distinction between complementary and competitive cognitive artifacts—the difference between things like mnemonics and things like writing—possesses no reliable evaluative force. All tools involve trade-offs. Since Krakauer has no way of knowing how AI will transform our cognitive ecology he has no way of evaluating the kinds of trade-offs they will force upon us."

I think the answer is simply that A.I. knows how to enjoy itself or fails, much as humans become gods or fail. It's part of the entropic view of the universe, in which disposability arrives at the same time as optioning. (my comment is almost a direct quote from Baudrillard).

A.I. is actually a product of designer concepts, concepts of idealization built into computer circuit boards, television, and syntax. The concept of consumption and expansion, and infrastructure that underlies A.I. economics is actually a product of consuming aesthetics. Much as though Greek philosophers were consuming the unknown. Perhaps there have been few steps between those two ages---- just a consequentialism about art, and cancellation of some unknowns.

We now consume aesthetics rather than the unknown.

I've just turned 34

It's my birthday, I've just turned 34.

I'm at my mother's house. My half-deaf stepfather is watching television.

I'm going insane.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Very Good Sign for Perpetual Motion!

The coin rumored to beckon a new age when both sides are completely gold reached that state briefly when fingered in my hands. Previously I had seen Hamilton's hair turn to gold more than once, but this time the entire semi-circle of silver seemed to turn gold. I could also observe Monticello on the opposite side turning to gold. The first photo is from when the coin was gold and silver. It has threatened to turn completely back into nickel sometimes, except for a few places where I made bite marks into the gold.

This is a good sign for:
*Perpetual Motion
*The American Golden Age

In the past 24 hours I have eaten Cecco linguini, 2 Kind dark chocolate nut bars (with no fruit), a bottle of Mountain Dew, Honest peach tea, a few swigs of pomegranate juice, a Trenta iced chai tea, and a few leaves of Jiaogulan, a substance used for immortality, and it turns out a slice of untoasted whole wheat bread.

For information about my original transformation, such as a list of requirements and my eating habits on that day, see:

Note that the coin was already partially transformed when I first received it, thus I could interpret the legend of the coin.

And, here’s an image of the Philosopher’s Stone that my Dad supposedly found on a beach (and he then gave it to me):

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

I've been uncovering obscure citations of my work

112K+ Views to Artworks to Date

My artwork features Hyper-Cubism, Sublimism, and Meaningful Works.


I also have a Pinterest account that I didn't count

Pleasant Feeling

You might remember this feeling from the Children's Museum in Washington D.C., or more likely an exhibit at the the Metropolitan Museum of Art:

Up to 60 Likes

On the Dimensionism Group I run!

Quotes Late October 2016

"When we are fully fulfilled, we will become fulfilling truths. It's a broken thought because it is so far away..." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Perhaps isometrically 3-d is flat, and 2-d is hyperbolic."---Nathan Coppedge

"Religion has emotional benefits when it is handled properly, but it never is." ---Nathan Coppedge

"My sense is philosophers are happier than average, because wisdom is something they want and it is part of the good life. Thus, they feel justified about seeking happiness, and thus they are more likely to attain it." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Nothing has infinite applications if there are infinite objects, the only problem being there are not infinite objects if there is also nothing. Hierarchies thus concern finitude or the absence of nothing." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Feelings are just the applications of consciousness to information… Fueled by the exclusion principle of eons of time… Perhaps." ---Nathan Coppedge

"We now consume aesthetics rather than the unknown." ---Nathan Coppedge, wisdom of the new ancients

"What does Nietzsche mean by saying: ' For the health of a single individual, a people, and a nation the un-historical and the historical are equally essential?' What is meant is that both phenomena and objectivity are idealizations of the world. So, Nietzsche is being anthropological. He is equating the reality of the world with two overlapping idealizations." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Some truths are made to be realized, and others are made to be designed." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Humans desire good outcomes, but they are either selfish or ignorant when it comes to solving problems." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Is there really free will? We are enslaved to our desires, otherwise no." ---Nathan Coppedge or else Sappho

"Do we choose what's best? Perhaps we do, if we prefer how far we go toward that end." ---Nathan Coppedge

"With conventional rationality, we don't know if it knows everything!" ---Nathan Coppedge

"The only way to be 100% original is to lack rational ideas. But the only way to be 100% rational is to lack original ideas." ---Nathan Coppedge or else Lewis Carroll or else Zeno of Elea or Protagoras

"In a sense, when looking at a black cat, religion looks for the implications of fear, science looks for the implications of excitement, and philosophy looks for the implications of bad luck." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Solutions cannot be solutions while solutions are problems and still be meaningful, hence these are the two worlds and the alternative is contradiction. The solution to paradoxes translates between the two worlds without coherent contradiction. But it is still fair to dismiss this strategy as a formalism. I deem that to be counter-productive." ---Nathan Coppedge

"I have found the more I think about my situation, the more manageable it is, regardless of how much money I actually earn." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Existence karma: if you suffer, you’re allowed to be superior. If you’re exceptional, the world improves." --- Nathan Coppedge

"Isometric consciousness is the view that the stars, for whatever reason, are small in significance. Everyone is safe with isometric consciousness so long as they do not commit to disaster. Isometric consciousness explains the transcendental axis. It is as committed to evolution as it is to rational privilege." ---Nathan Coppedge

More quotes:

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Temporal Studies 3

Prove the impossible...

"There are zurids everywhere"

"For every madman there is a sane wizard"

"Sanitation wizards, they used to exist!"

"It's still part of language, OMG!"

Monday, October 17, 2016

Updated the 19th Averaging a sale a day

For 23 days on Amazon Books!!!

Visit to browse philosophy, art, symbolism, psychology books, and many more, by Nathan Coppedge. Over 80 titles!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Dystopian Age Planner

Throw rocks. Get hurt.

Burn houses. Get burned.

Stab and be stabbed.

Shootings and bad surgery.

Disease breaks out.

The Missile War.

Populations obliviated.

Messed-up languages.

Bad sex.

Schizophrenic politicians.

Spaceship explodes.

Golden Age Planner

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Petri Dish Model

From Systems Theory:

Extending the concept of an observer or eye as the major definitive concept, perhaps there is a sophisticated instrument like a microscope between the source of reality and the physical matter.

In this case, existence (or at least our own limited experience) takes the form of a 'petri dish': A swarm of two-dimensional colors which ultimately mean nothing other than an explanation to the 'scientific eye' that lies beyond the microscope.

The scientist need not be a God. He might even be a human being. All of life is exaggerated to give the appearance of fairness, and to serve as an interesting explanation to the concealed scientist. It is the simplest principle: the explanation that 'explanation' is the only ultimate explanation, but has no inherent form. Beyond the petri dish, reality ends.

Indeed, any number of other realities might also be petri dishes, although they would also be equally simplistic. For example, an occult game might be played with words that in the end prove to be lies. And the words might be two-dimensional like a petri dish.

In this modality, the greatest transcendence is simply to make believe one is a child, and that the scientist-god has given birth to reason.  Life may be objective, but there is no immediate promise of a world beyond the petri dish.

Website to keep in mind

I passed the 500 books sold mark!

Over the period of 4 years or so that I have been published...

Almost 600 now...

View my author page:

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Philosopher's Gold

Account of turning part of a nickel into gold:


The only paper for which the motto is: "Coherence first and coherence second". Designed to be compatible with "Demonstrations of Degree Absolutism: Zero and Four Quarters Ontologies".

Tier 1: Systems

Sample method. Provide the best example of everything. Alternate: provide the best example of 'everything'. Successful if sufficient.

Provide a hiearchical list of examples. Problem: infinite, unbounded. List must be exclusive in length.

Provide laws of nature. Problem: either deterministic or 'open'. Laws seem to determine truths, which then determine laws, creating a cycle of indeterminacy.

Coherent system. One option: be exponentially efficient, as with categorical deduction.

Tier 2: Logics and Languages

Paradoxes (primary). Sometimes said to be unsolvable. Solution is the paroxysm.

Causality. This then that. The appearance of certainty, or the only certainty? Defined as 'a kind of meaning'.

Interpretations. 'Objectifying water is an important part of the water cycle.' --> new water cycle

Definitions. Semantic truth. Is there a semantic metaphysics? What about a metaphysical semantics?

Tier 3: Evidence and Variables

Gestalt. Nature is yellow. Simplistic in appearance. May be extremely true if nominally true. For example, nature is proof. Psychology is weather.

Psychic evidence. The best method says... X, Y, Z. So that's what it says.

Conjection. Noesos <--> Noises = Leaves and hairs and ...

Correspondence. Acceptability. Tradition. Association.

Tier 4: Identity

Soul substance. Feeling or no? Reason or no? Continuous or no? Justified or no?

Soul proof. Tautological definition or coherent or incoherent argument. Or better, method. Sometimes system, nature, metaphysics, etc.

Soul conditionality. Attribute / disembodied, or purpose / objective, or substance or proof or fiat.

Soul by fiat. The best evidence, such as necessity. No standard, but perfect comprehension.

11 Sales in 11 Days on Amazon!

And 2 years above 400,000th author!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Music Selections

Witchy music...

To go with Divine Music of the Inexorable...

8 Proofs of Perpetual Motion

Now visible at

PROOF #1: Friction does not eliminate motion where motion is permitted.

PROOF #2: Reactions are possible in a circle, as shown by dominoes. Wheels can turn.

PROOF #3: Dominoes can chain-react using higher and higher altitudes. Energy can be created.

PROOF #4: Dominoes can accelerate, so friction does not stop everything.

PROOF #5: In principle, equilibrium is enough to overcome proportionality problems.

PROOF #6: Imbalance can overcome friction.

PROOF #7: Equilibrium and imbalance can exist simultaneously through mass- leverage ratios.

PROOF #8: With un-balance and a principle of momentum, there is no need to lose altitude over time.

Friday, October 7, 2016

A Rubric for Philosophers: A measure of philosophical prowess

The Golden Age Planner

Too early to call, perhaps...

But I may have a new supporter for my philosophy of physics:

It turns out I'm located in the Top 0.5% of researchers over 12 Months at!

I had been looking at the 30-day records.

I'm more popular than I thought! Apparently most of my competition is a passing fad!

Someone's excellent webpage on thinking tools

I found it helpful in spite of running a Systems page...

Thursday, October 6, 2016

I sold my 200th book of the year!

Counting e-books, but still, this is the first year I've sold 200 books.

That means I've earned between $70 and $1000 this year, over the whole year. Still below taxable range.

I've published about 83 books, so in rough estimate I'm only earning about $1.50 per book per year. But some don't sell at all.

Currently 10th for Existentialism on Quora

It's cool that it's around Halloween.

Quotes Early October 2016

"Absolute determinism is incompatible with the preferences." ---Nathan Coppedge

"If free will is unregulated, then it must exist, because then free will can provide regulation." ---Nathan Coppedge

"I argue I'm great but not good. It is argued most philosophers are good, but not great." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Perhaps the ultimate standard of physics is individual. But if that is the case, the only laws would be laws about laws." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Time, a large metaphysical variable in the third dimension, rather than a dimension of space, is what is meant by aether, that is, it underrides physical laws." ---Nathan Coppedge

"The ultimate explanation is that reason, like any individual concept, is a small part of language, which is itself a small part of ultimate reality. For example, most parts of brain chemistry are not language unless they can be reduced to abstractions, and such may not be desurable with big thoughts. Whether all that reality will ultimately be achieved is another matter." ---Nathan Coppedge

"After all, if there is no truth, there is no standard of truth. And that means objectivity with or without a standard." ---Nathan Coppedge

Even more quotes on Poemhunter:

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Expanded Foundations of Asceticureanism on the Official Nathan Coppedge Blog

Perpetual Motion Stock Market Prediction #20

18,291.00Price increase122.55 (0.67%)

The stocks spell simple gains, which suggests long-term gains if perpetual motion has been invented. The 18,000 number also predicts that in a reasonable time it has. Ironically some of the major opposition to this new economy is coming from scientists, creating a glass ceiling in the entire economy that originates in stymied innovation, e.g. young people with radical ideas that are not being believed by teachers and professors.

Look for optimistic moves from GE which I believe may have invented a device. They were smiling too much on television. But perhaps GE is having a tough time selling their device.

The numerology of stocks shows a mysterious optimism during this time, qualified by economic consumer icons (The F-22 fighter plane that helped jobs, but was never really used with the military, or the virtual platinum coins represented by the number 55 that seem undeniably valuable, but come at no cost other than infrastructure. There is also some suggestion of Harvard's Big Idea Group mixed in with the glass ceiling: the numbers almost spell a scrambled B.I.G. or B.I.H.: moving to the next level or evolving).

The market seems to think it is doing as well as it could in the medium-term, but this is clearly a lie. This is a sign that there are huge assets not being reflected in GDP, perhaps energy.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Steering a course for longevity

Dr. Gary Gesmonde, professor at SCSU gave this advice which proved amazing on the subject of immortality herbs and medications:

"Mind, Body, and Spirit --- that is the secret!".

In other words, avoid additives. Have good ideas. Avoid stress.

Following this advice, I came across:

Jiaogulan (in dry tea form): tumor inhibitor.
beneficial effects for the cardiovascular system.
improves "good" cholesterol, and reduces "bad".
may reduce glucose levels.
I have seen it for sale on Etsy for as low as about $12.

And, as a coincidental benefit, relieving tumors may be what you have to worry about if you have already taken Telo-Rx, which was the pill I was previously recommending (with caution).

Telo-Rx may be speed, and Jule of the Orient, which is a beverage tauting the benefits of Jiaogulan may be speed, but I believe the original powdered herb form of Jiaogulan is not speed.

So, perhaps this is something interesting.

Anyway, the important thing is that I did NOT spend $50 or $60 on "Jule of the Orient".

Amachazuru, a sweet component of the Jiaogulan plant, also sounds like ambergris.

Friday, September 30, 2016

New Page on Advanced Physics

This is by far the most insight I have ever had about physics.

I think it's karma from teaching some local clubbers calculus through telepathy.

But I think you will find the physics is less crazy than the theory of teaching calculus by telepathy, at least...

Thursday, September 29, 2016

An Important Rule of the 3rd Dimension

There's a rule in the third dimension that people either understand what they say from their mouths, or they are not fully conscious.

There is also a small percentage who are genuinely confused, and this is often expressed as an understanding of confusion.

Otherwise, when the confusion is not expressed, the confusion which is still there comes out of a lack of wisdom, or sometimes a reliance on rote knowledge.

Category: Platitudes, Ancient Knowledge, Forgotten Knowledge

Rules of Age from What I Understand

1. You will be disappointed in life. You don't need to be much.
2. You can choose whether you feel wise.
3. Time will pass. Make something of yourself.
4. Life is what you make of it.

If you're an older person and you've discovered something else, maybe you should focus on that thing.

An Enchanter's Journal #12

I wasn't planning to release another entry for awhile, but this one was originally public on Quora:

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

My Most Popular Paper by Views

The Solutions, has 622 views and 5 bookmarks.

It's almost edged out by "The Only System" on Academic Room, which has 539 views.

On the other hand, another paper, "Things More Divine Than God from A Human Point of View" has 14 bookmarks, probably because it's classified as blasphemy.

Actually, "Dialectic of Philosophy: Philosophy's Most Important Questions" has 28 bookmarks, even though it has only 129 views.

And "Dialectic of Negativity" has 17 bookmarks.

To be fair, "6 Theories of Metaphysics" also has 11 bookmarks and 93 views...

And Profound Knowledges has 10 bookmarks and only 22 views...

Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Ninja Quadra

Some humor intended.

1. Waste.
2. Over-population.
3. Gluttony.
4. Rationalism.

An Enchanter's Journal #9 - 10

... It is a quest of alchemy to avoid the end-times and perpetuate the Deus Mundi. Yet the Deus mundi is said to be a contradictory, acerbic principle, and this creates spiritual contradictions, which, if interesting, may also be obstacles on numerous alchemical quests.

It is not for the wizard to reject the vehemence of God' s bitterness, while also maintaining a neutral exterior---not just the immediate world, but the world's deepest imputations---may be called one of the first secrets of channeling.

The next object of channeling is to direct the will towards some attainable magical object---often not a miracle, but something humbled, something which seems paradoxically attainable.

In this second stage of channeling, it may be important to repeatedly test probability. Can one stretch the truth? Then can one stretch REALITY?

That may be enough to create superstitious effects! Then you know magic! Following this type of course, I moved rather quickly over several years from balancing socks at an angle to changing the color of the sky during day and evening.


The weakest principle of magic is affirmation. That is, outside the strong affirmations of a priest.

It is also called psychic identification. It is the principle of recognizing or identifying magic amongst more ordinary things...

Related to the concept of affirmation is the principle of silence or suspension.

The point of suspension is to leave the magical identification unquestioned, and therefore give it life...

What follows is often a seeking of obscurity, a Gnostic impulse, which, if it does not occur, prevents the realization of the power within the magically identified...

Affirmation begins a long quest towards the self-affirmation of the wizard, the second-leap of the puzzle which results in the affirmation of all magical things...

Careful heed to the nature of the end-times can lead to prolonged life and a peaceful death...

Link to Quotes from Late Sept. 2016

Spiral Cone Perpetual Motion Theory

This is not intended as a work of stupidity.

If the video is not running, try the following link:

Friday, September 23, 2016


IDYLL Archetype: Magical papers can be formed, with five or more components: 1. It's soul, 2. A property, 3. A quantity or numerology, 4. An attachment to other arche-types, and 5. A Guide. Separately, we can also consider that the soul might be a recording of blowing leaves, or some other idea.

IDYLL Fantasy: The precise properties we want for reassurance are those that have already happened. For example, the beginning of the nutmeg trade in the Americas. Or, if you are already long-lived, you will remain immortal if you can acquire your past.

IDYLL Property: But, the exception to this is if the past was bad (like being a prisoner of war), and in fantasy this is solved by miracle cures like 'Purpenjuice' or some other magical substance.

The END OF THE FANTASY? : But, in the end we may only have dry formulas. But they can still be formulas for fantastic things! There is no rule against living a fanciful life. Little separates fantasy and reality.

The REQUISITION OF REALITY: Now, formulas can be found for practical things as well, and reality can even occasionally benefit from fantasy. For example, some subject indexes depend on the inclusion of fictional subjects, which expands the imagination, and there are literary formulas for souls, which can create an index of both known and priorly unknown literature.

My Top 8 Books

Collectively over 100 sales this year. Nearly 200 for all books this year.

The stats are visible in the bottom right column at .

See my author page at

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Conversation on Immortality with Anthony Schwartz

What is this school you are going to?
I understand, no problem Nathan, I don't mind having you on my list
Honestly, I'm still at Southern CT State University in undergraduate, studying philosophy. I have also attended Bard College briefly, where I developed a mental health issue, and I have taken some classes in web design and photoshop as well.
Intersting. I have been trying to find a good school for Philosophy as an undergraduate. Been out of the Navy for a year now and haven't really done much since.
I WON'T recommend SCSU. The Philosophy Department here is very small, and the classes taught don't provide much background in modern philosophy. I would recommend Columbia University, although I don't know if that is above your level or not. They do have a lot of interesting courses in modern philosophy, but you won't necessarily want to travel to Columbia if you live far away. Also, you may or may not find the exact scholars you want.
That is good to know. I think many philosophy departments might actually be quite small. It isn't the most desired subject. Currently, that is.
It has been a difficult realization for me that certain specific schools are specialists in certain specific subjects, although that doesn't necessarily matter for undergraduate. I'm only part time anyway, so I shouldn't be totally concerned. I'm not as competitive a student as I tend to think. Totally PT for the most part. Yet I am in the t
Yet I am in the Top 1.5% on a particular academic website. I highly recommend if you have a university affiliation (undergraduate or what have you).
If you have a local university or a hunch or preference I would go with that, although I cannot say that the results are always good.
That is awesome. I am currently not an undergraduate yet. Been debating wether or not it was worth it. Though it seems to gain influence and to have a say on certain subjects it is an obligation for the largest amount of reach for my works.
Whatever you study, you can use Academia.
Thanks man! I will take a look at it!
The one caveat is that you won't get very popular unless you have a lot of free papers, people who know you, or perhaps an officially peer-reviewed published paper, which is more difficult
It is possible to publish as an undergraduate, but it gets much easier in graduate school. If you collaborate with someone and use the professional formats with abstracts, definitions, background, etc. then you might get cited. I have one citation now on Google Scholar, which happened because of a collaboration. I actually did a video conference with this guy who sounded really excited. But then he got annoyed at me, and I was forced to publish my paper for free, because he wouldn't say anything about official publication anymore
Anyway, I don't mean to distract you with stuff that might not be relevant. Feel free to chat anytime though. I can't always promise an immediate response, however.
What do you mean with becoming immortal at the age of 9?
"I VOWED to become immortal at the age of 9" I made a commitment to pursue the QUEST of immortalty
I have at least two books on the subject: The Dimensional Immortality Toolkit, and the Secret Principles of Immortality
That I published, that is.
Interesting. I think... there are some similarities I find in myself with what I read some of your overviews on the published works
I admit I'm something of an optimist. I think I remember seeking immortality in past lives. But it could just be my lucky clovers talking. I never thought I was much of anything before I found my clovers.
The age 9 thing strikes me, that is why I am mentioning it
I know the "I" is immortal
Well, I know more who I was when I was younger and then at the age of 6 I 'woke up' and was fully physically aware
And lost that "I" connectction
I had before
Hard to tell how advanced some of this stuff is that you're saying. Some people are really advanced when they say those things, and others are kind of playing with words. Sometimes its even a tenuous connection that's hard-won and then fades away...
I vowed myself to something too when I was 3
That is why I find your views interesting, I haven't met anyone say something like that
I had a similar experience with the "I" in the sense that I was sure I had an ego when I was younger, and then when I went insane around age 19 I became less confident, and more solipsistic.
I had an instance which would have put me in jail around that age as well
Well, the things is, when the mind builds upon itself, there are various effects
Consciousness is but the friction of that "I" and the physical demands
May I ask what vow you made to yourself? You don't need to share if you don't want to...
It is more of a statement I guess. I want to know.
My vow was to be old before I was young.
I never felt young, even as a child I was able to converse with older people and felt more comfortable with people who have lived longer
A kind of principle of immortality
I could see that
I have to say I have not always felt close to older adults. I feel old (I think) but I do not connect very well with anyone. Sometimes I tell myself that when I'm much older I'll develop a relationship with someone very young.
Your vow is your reality
Some of my friends from high school might not call me immature, but they might also not think I was very bright. Unfortunately.
I identify with that.
Everything you are doing and saying, it to fulllfil that vow you made. So you are being immortal with the things you are doing, more likely, expressing the essence of immortality. Though, expressions are not the thing itself but a reflection.
So you are, the embodiment of immortality, but aren't yourself
This also influences your attraction towards things etc.
Actually, I saw it as a form of self-fulfillment as well. I admit I'm not 100% Buddhist.
Oh you are fulfilling yourself and your vow
Not saying you are not
My ultimate idea I finally realized was to be a kind of enchanter. Kind of crazy idea, I know. But, if I live to a long age, then I can call myself an enchanter if I want to, no?
Do you want to know what I am...
It's the most pleasant kind of gambling to make little contracts that are only fulfilled if life is highly exceptional.
I am a Magi. I study the various expressions which manifest in everything. These so called Laws of expression. To know and to control them is what my main purpose is I have given myself.
I could see that, somewhat
So instead of learning the reflections which formulate in all things of reality, I learn the things that cause the reflections
Sounds like a Seer to me. Or a diviner. I see though that the term Magi can have some power...
I know it sounds odd, but it isn't supernatural or something to that degree
In a way, it is mathematics but a form of it long forgotten or still unknown
I find I do not understand the term Magi completely. My closest analogy to a Magi is a philosopher, or maybe a sorcerer.
And that is what it is
But a philosopher is mainly focusing, a lot of times, on watching instead of using
I admit I'm not one to master channeling so far. Perhaps channeling is your gift, which would be awesome.
Not channeling
Oh, you said it was not magical...
It is based on cause and effect, but now induced with the rational mind of our age
I admit my knowledge of enchanting is just beginning, which an feel like I'm cheating...
I don't know what enchanting is
Sometimes I feel I can change the color of the sky. Affecting weather in ways like that is my first concept of enchantment.
That sounds powerful, but it does not have much of a usefulness...
I can only change it to purple, sounds crazy I know.
I tend to see gray as almost purple, and maybe I'm 'seeing red' on purpose, to fake myself into it. I'm not sure.
Is your vision healthy?
I also study souls. I have found a found a formula for generating the souls of literature, possibly learned from a rabbi (although I'm not Jewish).
Aren't souls the "I"?
Literary souls are the souls of books. But, if every name has a soul like the title of a book has a soul, then names have souls too.
Well I guess I am saying, there are multiple "I"'s
And yes you are correct
But don't forget that there are temporary souls and immortal souls
Some "I"'s have been created and need nourishment as well
My sense is that "I"s have intellectual definitions, sort of like the most exemplary piece of writing within a book. For me, it seems almost like magic to get the right words. They have varying powers, although it all scales to the natural powers of the person who uses / knows them. Sort of like knowledge of math.
Being an idealist, I tend to think that all true souls have some potential for immortality. It is a matter of the justice of the quest.
But one would need to ingrain oneself into a law, or immortal aspect
It is interesting to think that without perpetual motion there might not be any immortal lifetimes...
well yea everything moves
Yes, having a principle seems to be one of the first, important stages of immortality (at least in my assumptions).
I mean, without the invention of perpetual motion machines to prove the principle of immortality...
Becoming immortal could be a backslash though, if one become immortal on plane or fragment of reality that is not to your own desire or desirable "I"
I see
It may be important to ground oneself in the aspects of reality that are most known.
I would think, one would achieve immortality naturally that way
One would think, but there are aspects of physical nature that are corrupting / corrupted, supposedly. I try to disbelieve in them, but I admit I have male pattern baldness, and have sometimes been sick. I could predict that I have some kind of internal organ failure. My mother had gall stones... Sometimes its the small things that turn bad...
Well the names are immortal but their principles aren't
and there are stages
Relative immortality ought to be so much easier.
It seems that there is an infinite sacrifice of years to reach any age, regardless of whether it is 26 or 400
But since expression demands all forms, most will and should not explore such ends
and time is delusional
So, there will always be the names who will not reach immortality, but are immortal in their ways regardless
I would not fixate on names so much as the systems and modalities of nature and meta-nature...
With immortal nature there is immortal life.

The quest of the immortal is to find the timeless world, or else become some kind of public servant.