Saturday, December 19, 2015


I’ve had this dream repeatedly, of an experience machine. It lies in a building in a kind of Communist neighborhood, as if it has been abandoned, and also as if it is open to the public.

This time, when I was through with my experiences (as often happens), I was led down a short corridor by previous participants.

A ‘commando’ told us ‘there was only one line, because everyone who looks at this juncture in the corridor wants to get back their body, and there is only one way to get back TO the body.’

But then I mentioned that I have an argument for my experiences. ‘In that case’ he said, ‘There is another line: you can go to the head of the line’.

I mumbled, waking up in the middle:

It must have been the judge!

[And, I’m not a pancake!
Well, the language comes from my body!
But the thoughts may or may not be something I’m responsible for…]

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