Sunday, December 27, 2015


Nathan Coppedge, "At the age of 9, I vowed to become immortal."
1. Wisdom is when you don't follow other people's advice, but you have an idea of what you're doing. So, if you follow other people's advice, or if you don't know what you're doing, then you're not wise.
2. What other people say to your face is automatically the cheapest stuff. Even if it comes from someone old and venerable, a little intelligence or clear thinking should set you on an even better path. Sometimes what people say is just bad psychology. Other times, its pure garbage.
3. Be patient enough not to cause trouble. This way you won't get in a jam.
4. Value your sanity. A few compromises, if they allow you to get enough sleep, or to feel normal, will pay off spiritually, and then emotionally, within a short time.
5. If you must test boundaries, don't exaggerate their significance in your mind. But be sure that when you're done testing you stand on firm ground.
6. Defend the issues that are most important with you or you will lose track of time.
7. Do what you must, but not if it requires being a thoughtless moron.Sometimes what seems like a big shift to you doesn't require any major changes on the outside, but still causes ripples that change everything for you personally.
8. Pay attention to the best kinds of information. Sometimes small details jump out at you when it really counts. It may be that someone didn't like karate class, or that people who don't use condoms have a death-wish. Little things matter.Sometimes people giving advice are serious, even when they aren't on their deathbed or debating ultimate reality.
9. Don't ignore your heart when it tells you that something is wrong. The earlier you notice the things you can change, the sooner you will realize the life that is worth living the most.
I'm more accustomed to giving advice about immortality. But this practical advice stuff definitely poses a challenge. Not everything applies to every person, and people's experiences and preferences tend to vary a lot.
But, in general, have some of the following: 1. Meaning, 2. Money, 3. Truth, 4. Emotion, and 5. Generosity. A mixture of these things can bring about positive changes in a life!

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