Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Re-cocking Pendulum Attempt

The original plan was to have a little booth that flipped upside down, thus creating mass displacement, and then permitting pressure to be placed on the marble that activated the booth, raising it through support to the level of the initial drop.

However, as often happens, the plan changed when I tried to build it using my crude connector toys.

In its current implementation, some might call it the Madcap Device, but I have resolved against that usage.

It is simply a pendulum in which a track is supported at the top to the swinging element, in such a way where theoretically the full application of the marble on the track just beyond the center will cause outward tilt, which can be used to propel the marble upwards along a supported track element.

Most of the movement is designed to be horizontal.

In other words, the device in its full application is designed to 're-cock itself'. Hence, it could be called a re-cocking pendulum.

I was unable to build the track support in this design, just the swinging track element.

It was exciting at first, but you can understand that it occurred around 1 - 2 a.m. So, perhaps I wasn't being fully sensible.

Like some versions of the "beaver" device or trough coquette, the full weight application is designed to occur on an upward-curving member, so that when the marble reaches that point, a downwards slope is then possible (I think, provided certain conditions hold, e.g. that the counterweight has force and means to send force to the mobile weight at every position).

Here are the photos:

Side View: Re-cocking Pendulum, or Madcap Device

A not-very-helpful Top View of the device. The upper part of the photo beyond the green connectors shows where weight application would occur.

Here is a link to the more successful experiment with the Trough Pendulum: https://hypercubics.blogspot.com/2015/11/new-highly-prospective-design-for.html

Here is the offset lever pendulum, which may have over-unity properties by swinging further than expected: https://hypercubics.blogspot.com/2015/11/unique-physical-properties-offset-lever.html

Here is a link to my pendulum designs in general, with diagrams and so on: http://www.nathancoppedge.com/Perpetual_Motion_Pendulums.html

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