Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Info-Struct 2

A kind of game based on a variety of truths. [that's the original logo I used]. Later I will re-create the first info-struct for your entertainment and amusement.

1. The Power to Name.
    The Power to Correlate.
    The Power to Systematize.
    The Power to Know.

2. The Level of All Paths (index of conceptual time).
A. Linear progression, retraceable, deletable, savable, modifiable, qualifiable.
B. Branches serving as separate and related projects.
C. Logic of branches modifiable in terms of time travel, logical formalism, creative
focus, optional evolution stimuluses and other test procedures.
D. Symbolic paths traceable using metaphysical symbol presets.

3. A. Symbolism Sand Box
    B. The Onus or Burden of Proof, Interface 1 (Four Opinions Like Onions)
Developed based on the symbol chosen. Symbols evolve based on preferences.
    C. The Mappe (scenario design)
Select general properties that affect the emergence of sublime properties, constructions,
    D. Archeological Knowledge
Interpretation of the ultimate result of existing designs. Used as a tool for modifying the
original creation. For example, does the creation bring ruin, a philosophical message,
paradise, or a set of laws? Those are the essential categories, unless it gets advanced.

4. The Oculus: properties in emergence (important characters / persons, states, objects)
A. See a statement as a person.
B. See a logic as an object.
C. See a characterization as a property.
D. See an organization as a theory.

5. A. Selector from existing characterizations and states.
    B. Formulate objects.
    C. Add aesthetic and dynamic properties.
    D. Modify function of complex properties.

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