Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Some problems, such as incoherence, consume much time and attention, as their range of importance ‘blows up’ and become more and more anxiety-provoking. However, this is true of any defined subject under some mind-set or another. It is simply the character of philosophical obsession. The more technical a subject grows, the more it is a solution if it is a solution, and the more it is a problem if it is a problem. And, unfortunately, there is a tendency to be more technical about problems than solutions. That is just how we have evolved. Simply, the more we tend to seek problems without finding solutions, the more we tend to have anxiety-provoking problems. It comes out of not loving the arbitrary, not admitting how easy-to-solve some problems are, and by assuming that many problems have an egregious degree of practical importance.

----From Philosophical Investigations, by Nathan Coppedge.

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