Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Concepts Close to My Heart

1. Archicu-Texture, a palette showing all textures, of symbolic importance. Here is a drawing I made of this archetypal object, without the textures:

2. Panopticon of Archaic Birds. A relatively detailed book dating from an expensive place in an authentic time. It is sacred to time-travelers. It might feature images similar to this one:

3. Masterful Self-Resistance. My first intepretation of "Self-Reliance".

4. The Qualific Science, a book I have not written.

5. The baubble: the subtlest of objects, said to have magic powers. Often takes the form of a small stone or talisman. When the powers are unlocked, it loses strength until it is destroyed.

6. The Tabard: a flag hung from a horizontal rod or wire that can be used to format a variety of symbols when the cloth of the flag is ivory-colored. The Philosophers' Cross for example, or the Dimensional Aperture. When the flag is Chinese it can contain metaphysical symbols, as in my drawing called Organ Tabard Fractal.


7. The Metaphysical Art: not only a writing about metaphysics in three dimensions, but an entire approach combining aesthetic and metaphysical ideals into Asceticureanism.

8. Asceticureanism, such as Spiritual Writings.

9. Myself. My Soul. Psychology. Meaning. Amicable Solutions. Books of Symbols.

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