Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Unique Physical Properties? Offset Lever Pendulum Using Volitional Mechanics

I twisted the central rod quickly 180 degrees,

Believe it or not AFTER it reached the 180 degree point, it then twisted completely 360 degrees beyond that point, and ended up HERE (in the second photo) where it started.

I think this is unusual physics due to the properties of the offset lever, and the ratio with the pendulum. I would be glad to get confirmation from anyone who knows more about the EXACT physics.

I am a believer in exact properties, so it is possible that this case could not be repeated easily with slightly different weights or lengths. The ratio of the mass of the pendulum glass blob to the length of the string of the pendulum actually has an exact ratio to the mass and length of the central rod, producing something like ideal physics (at least I think so).

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