Saturday, November 14, 2015

Some of the best health advice I have received recently... (Nov 2015)

Things to cut out:

1. Certain fake breads (including Subway until recently, and possibly many other culprits, e.g. artificial usually non-whole-grain / instant-puffing bread)
2. Artificial sweeteners found in diet soda (200% weight gain with diet soda)
3. Coffee and sugar (caffeine and sugar contribute to yeast buildup in the stomach).
4. Alcohol (causes sugar cravings, leads to harmful bacteria resulting in weight gain).

Upshot: eat saurkraut without meat to improve probiotics. Yogurt is supposedly not as good. Otherwise, you need to buy some special pill.

I have cut out alcohol, coffee, and most artificial sweeteners, and have not indulged the fake bread much. However, I do drink caffeine in other forms, and have significant sugar intake. But, I have recently lost weight, which is good news for my probiotics!

Who knew plain saurkraut might be the key to weight loss? But, combined with a little exercise and other healthy foods, it probably is!

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