Friday, November 6, 2015


"The end days are a phenomenon of personal religion. The end days are God's official 'delusion.' For no immortal God would proscribe 'end days' for other immortals. Immortality by definition does not end, perhaps even if it undergoes morphosis into a different form. The differences must be small enough that a continuity of consciousness takes place."

"Atheism is also a nominal religion, because it is a position about religion. In a strictly categorical sense, that is what a religion is. Everything that is not religious either ignores religion or is without spirit. But atheism, whether it has a spirit or not, defines itself on religious terms, because without religion there is no atheism."

"They always save the divine language for earlier. This explains the disappointment with badly predicted old age."

"Sometimes I think in my previous life I was an ant who thought of Platonism and viewed a Schizznik, which was a form of pastry, and vowed to never get married. But, on other times I think I was the son of William Tell, or a Chinese God."

"I conceive that doubt may be additional to knowledge."

"One of the foundational tenets of gnosticism is that thought is the mind: thought is what to mind, and thought influences the world."

"If anyone repeats a thought over and over again, it will eventually be admitted that it is not just one person's influence. So the claim that a single person has stolen the soul is as strong as the idea that any more than one has done the same. And both of these claims are weaker than the idea of self-possession, since it is clear that the repetitions are created through interaction with the original self."

"The Coppedge Curve: Brian was genuinely brilliant, but I was a genius but stupid."

"It is also possible that the 4th - 7th dimensions will occur together, in one larger experience that not everyone is ready to experience (for lack of imagination, I guess: which is the same as saying a lack of information)."

"Of course, it would be interesting if time were as civilized as we are. Basically, though, we're always trying to cheat when we change dimensions. We get technical, so we're in a pigeon-hole, so 'nature understands' and something happens. If you believe in God you might be led also to believe that 'there are no shortcuts' and therefore it's always a big deal to shift dimensions."

"I doubt that many people would say that all knowledge is semantic. I think that would be too extreme. But I wouldn't call this system metaphysics, either, although in some ways its the first example of a coherent metaphysics." 


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