Thursday, November 5, 2015



"Although the incidents [of coincidental youth] may be rare, it is their existence that gives rise to rumors of the fountain of youth."

"Some weight gain may be necessary to live to 400 years, whereas some weight loss may be necessary to live to 100."

"Throughout history, the best medicine for longevity appears to have been a combination of factors, such as ultra-purified water, turmeric, whole grains, vegetables, and mental stimulants."

"Strength training stops contributing to longevity when it begins to create ... weight gain... The alternative to weakness starts to look like starving the body of energy."

"Efficient adaptation is the closest thing to a natural panacea for youthfulness... Metabolism is a major factor to target for any propensive adaptivity."

"Virtual evolution is also possible, but may be artificial." ---Nathan Coppedge (look up).

"The existence of concrete gaurantees concrete, just as substance (proven or consistent or represented sensation) is inevitably what is most empirical. In this sense, what is real is either between representation and interpretation, or falls to a deeper source which assumes interpretation already took place, whether or not the object is material." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Intelligence is the one thing opposing the simplicity found in survival differences. It is represented by individuation, so it is represented by the more complex character of the image of survival, which goes beyond behavior, and goes beyond the soul of behavior. Individual selection (in the sense of free-choice), thus mirrors, through intellection, the outer judgment of the species- or planetary-level idea. Symbiosis is the consciousness of similarity between self and nature, represented by survival." ---Nathan Coppedge, Scientific Theories (Theories of Nature).


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