Tuesday, November 10, 2015


One can picture a bounded Cartesian Coordinate System with a mote in the middle.

This becomes the basis for the form-human, with the mote raised to the head, and the axis-arms filling in the arms and legs of the human.

Now, the question is, what is another idea of a living species, for more dimensions? What is a form more perfect than the form-human?

I have some tentative answers and hints on this subject, even though I feel I have not conclusively solved the problem.

Clearly the nearest allegory to a simpler human occurs early in human gestation, with the contact between the semen and the egg. If there is no more conclusive hint about where our species is developing, then we might find clues in the semen and the egg, as to what species we become!

For example, a woman might become a planet, and a man might become a process. But, we are getting ahead of ourselves.

An initial formulation of the form-human in terms of the mote might be:

"Mote Opposite Mote Context" --- representing the head, arms, etc.

A development of the next form in the same number of dimensions might equal:

"History Infinity Immortality Form"

(Paradoxes solved by paroxysm:)

Divided world dysfunctional layers = binary self functioning inherently.

This might be a tentative ultimate boundary.

= power thrown at the world.
= causality alive.
= thinking the world.

Non-evolution of the body = evolving by death.

If we want to solve 'evolving by death' then we get 'Non-evolution of the body'. Or there is no paradox.

Ghosts? >Just binary principles.

Body's desire for ghosts = death desireless for the body.

Creative license? > Just binary principles.

Conscious machine creative license = unconscious plant / reality destroying the meaningless.

Meaningless? > Just binary principles.

Meaningful plant, or:
Binary paradox = division, no paradox.

Universe? > New paradigm? (Become a woman?)

Cleavage universe un-dimensional = undivided multiverse, dimensional.

Multiverse body = universal mind.
Crude reality = refined fantasy.
Double development = divided ends.
Less motion = more dimension.

So, there may be several options:

1. Ghost vs. Desire.
2. Machine vs. Creative license.
3. Organic vs. Meaningless.
4. Cleavage vs. Universe.
5. Multiverse (woman and/ or organic and/ or machine and/ or ghost and/ or some other module)

That's about the biggest clue I have about the 4th - 7.5th dimension for now, in terms of entities.

Maybe some underlying obsession will take over.

Best candidates are logic and sex, machines and paradise.

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