Monday, November 9, 2015

Premier Philosophical Research Part 1

The problem of the balding man is a traditional paradox in philosophy.

The solution to the paradox of the balding man, by paroxysm is:

"Un-ambiguous missing hair." or "Hair solves the paradox".

(The problem is ambiguous hair, or the no hair problem is un-paradoxical).

However, there are other formulations of the problem,

For example,

Someone who thinks the problem is "Thin / no hair."

They solve the problem with "Big hair."

But, if they think the only problem is thin hair,

Then their solution is something like "No big hair" or "No biggie hair."

But if someone thinks the problem is hair itself, then,

The solution is always no hair, or no hair solution, without a paradox.

So, people who think hair is a problem tend not to believe a paradox is a problem,

Or, tend to think everything is a problem so everything has a solution, because the problem is more than just big or thin hair or ambiguity or no hair.

(Dire warning about that!)

On the other hand, the simplest answer is that if the problem is being bald, the answer is hair. But then solution and problem are the same thing.

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