Sunday, November 8, 2015

Perpetual Motion Stock Market Prophecies, Part 10

17,910.33 Up 46.90(0.26%) 

You can see that stocks are up again, and heading towards 18,000. That means people are making money on average. It also tends to mean that the companies are making money.

Heading towards 18,000 means that perpetual motion very soon must be built eventually, or stocks will drop. But you can note my recent post on this blog which says that perpetual motion is proven beyond a doubt.

This is back to a pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps mentality. Except, it's the information age, and you can always get things done by hiring other people. If you have enough projects, companies take off, and that's how the economy works.

So, why not feel 'VERY OPTIMISTIC'???

Watch out for factors like education that are draining creativity. But remember, you don't need many inventors or entrepreneurs to make good on big ideas. You just need some way to take control of the market, usually by doing things like the following:

1. Mass-producing a product that is popular and doesn't look expensive to use.
2. Manufacturing products that fit in with a variety of earlier, better products.
3. Mass-manufacturing or improving things like batteries, toys, industrial supplies.
4. Creating a consumer niche in terms of what constitutes fashionable information (may have a side effect of changing other markets). In other words, changing the visual or design language.
5. Expand the consumer hierarchy by selling to new middle people or new top people and creating products for them in their new role.
6. Create a new paradigm that requires new tools.
7. Serve under-serviced needs like sex and food.
8. Create a charity umbrella and use it to steer the economy.

Maybe that gives some important people some ideas that might lead to a perpetual economy. It might even involve perpetual motion, if I get my way!

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