Friday, November 13, 2015

Perpetual Motion Stock Market Prophecies, Part 11

I retract my statement about 18,000s requiring perpetual motion. Technically it doesn't. Clean industries and financial resourcefulness could turn some of the following things into big industries:

*Industrial Space Mining ISM (platinum, for instance, used for expensive permanent modular adaptive computer systems, if possible, or some other elements).

*Personal Data Enhancement for Small Businesses and Citizenship Platforms (think forum-going crowd. This is an under-rated possibility, when other sectors are doing okay. The goal is to profit on those who have already made a profit).

*Highest-Interested Bidder Enhanced Existence Modules (Hi-Beem).

*Binary Economics with Inverse-Category Testing (BI-CT). This is a method for guaranteeing profits. In this method, money in one sector means the opposite thing as money in another sector. Consequently, one or another sector wins. When you have two independent axes, then if the products have exponential value, then profit can be increased indefinitely without any risk of loss. It involves either combining non-opposite types of income, or maximizing one of many sectors and then trading it at a profit for something that combines well with other factors. For example, investing in computers, and then creating a business out of automatic aesthetics programming which can be used as a form of currency. Multiple currency trading with a variable-technology component.

*Other efficient uses of data (OEUD or 'ODD' Other Data Derivatives). For example, farming general and specific categories for minor ehaanced functions that can be sold with software. This could turn into big business, particularly if it does not require a human programmer.

*General-Purpose Software-Creating Software (GPSCS or GSP General Software Platform). This might usher in a new type of 'hacker citizen' that can get unique functions easily and create unique compatibility with a lot of creative and intellectual modes. The functions wouldn't have to be very advanced to get appreciation from the average citizen user.

*Selling Fantasies. This is an idea whose age has come. With the right data capacities (Say, sometimes a USB stick might do...) you might be able to create simple movies or text output that fits within certain desire-fulfillment criteria for various personality types. This should be at least as lucrative as luxury shampoo, since shampoo uses a primitive version of the same paradigm.

And so on, you get the idea!

Get with it, it's the information age!

People need a replacement for books, and the answer is a platform that responds to what the user really wants, at a personal, consumeristic, and also spiritual level! People want luxury existence, and it's easy to understand that, fundamentally!

If people don't want one thing, they want another thing. It's a simple principle to work with. Just toggling between options might be enough to create a user-friendly design for fulfilling the deepest desires of the citizen consumer!

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