Friday, November 6, 2015


I had a second dream that I was a ghost, suggesting a continued scare factor against perpetual motion, but also an increased potential for the meaning of perpetual motion. One of the by-products of my dream is the idea that it may eventually be possible for someone to win a Nobel Prize for perpetual motion. This is big news, and I hope it will influence bigshot investors, particularly industry capitalists, to take perpetual motion a grain of salt more seriously in the long term. One of the things to do is to make news media more open to testable claims, and to set aside pre-conceived notions of the extraordinary. The counter-intuitive thing about this is that it tends to involve conservative choices aimed at developing a lump sum to invest when something extraordinary happens. Think energy companies, toys, and consumer goods whenever that happens. Whatever perpetual motion is, it IS WHATEVER-IT-IS! Which is almost as good a motto as any when it comes to this nascient field.

And, although stocks are down a tick right now, we're ready to try this perpetual motion >18,000 thing again! Keep in mind that global populations are mostly up in empoverished areas. So, up means up in terms of Top-10 per capita GDP, until that changes.

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