Saturday, November 21, 2015

Nathan Coppedge aka Asceticurus, in his Studio

The Asceticurean religion was founded recently by Nathan Coppedge, so I have adopted the name "Asceticurus" as a historical moniker in relation to that practice. This form of spirituality emphasizes aesthetic and ascetic virtues, specifically positive forms of existentialism, metaphysical literature, living inside museums, dieting, etc.

My Spiritual Writings are present online in video form, and a wider selection will soon be available on book form.

An earlier writing that is key for Asceticureanism is The Metaphysical Art, a masterful writing that is available for free, clarifying the metaphysical insights necessary to master metaphysics in 3 dimensions. That writing dates from August of this year, and was originally written on my blog.

A few additional quotes are available HERE.

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