Friday, November 6, 2015


From the Night of November 4th, 2015:

Had a dream that I was a ghost finishing his business on earth.
I had a conflict with my dad, who was physically struggling with me.
Eventually I took the confict to a committee.
The committee said I was certifiably a ghost, and possibly some of them were, too.
(For example, God deserved a Nobel Prize).
That seemed to solve the problem.
Then I woke up.
The general feeling I got from the dream involved the following words:
"Most ghosts are simply trying to return to their bodies".
I cried about this after I thought of it.

The first major ghost dream I had was from around 2007 (I think), confirming my suspicion that the dreams have something to do with perpetual motion, since my first designs date from 2005 - 2006. In that dream, I wandered a corridor of a building which reminded me of computer games I had played or watched. Real people seemed to appear in the corridor, and I righteously terrified them. The computer game aspect may relate to the role of my website in popularizing the designs. It was begun in 2006. The popularity of my website increased after the dream, to its highest peak so far around 2009, when I was getting 60 views a day.

The earlier dream was by and large a simpler dream, and the second dream had more realistic elements.

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