Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Michael is a PhD. in Political Science focusing on Democracy, and Brian is a child prodigy in computer programming and other subjects. Michael is Brian's father and mine.

Brian: "I just read an article about 'probiotics' supposedly you can kill bad bacteria by eating saurkraut."

Michael: "So, you're willing to eat saurkraut? Worth a shot, eh?"

Brian: "Yeah, I think I'll try some."

(Michael and Brian buy saurkraut. Brian tries some).

Brian: "My stomach just made a noise."

Michael: "That's the sound of the good guys losing!"

Brian: "I want to think the good guys won, even if it's the first time!"

Michael: "With anything entrenched like this, it's an uphill battle."

Brian: "I'm not saying it's efficient, I'm just saying they may have won!"

This last line was especially influential on my later interest in perpetual motion machines! Incidentally, I recently got the supposed news about saurkraut some 24 years later, and have decided to 'try some' (following Brian's vegetarian example)!

By the way, the entire time I was in the background saying nothing, and eventually only chirped in to say that I ate a lot of meat, and didn't want any saurkraut. Michael then commented to Brian that 'at least you're fighting the battle. Apparently, in Nathan's case, the bad guys have completely taken over!'.

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