Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Is 'X' happening? Someone could guarantee that it is happening rather cheaply, why not?

It is a different question whether two things are separate.

Are two things happening?

Well, we can ask, does that mean one thing isn't happening, or does it just mean something more complex is happening?

Or does it in fact mean we can reduce the criteria for one thing happening, sinc it now consists of less unified complexity, one argues (like 2 is the sq. rt. of 4)?

I find this last explanation most reasonable.

Evidently, something could be less unified without being less real.

And yet, the division retains an efficiency in explaining complexity.

Apparently, reality is efficient (un-unified or un-complex), or else necessarily real, in the sense of retaining complexity.

Now we can ask, is it s a potential universe? Perhaps only if its potential can be actualized. For example, as a thought experiment, we don't know that the universe is not perception.

It is unfair to treat the universe as necessarily ONLY objective, if the non-objective is what we supposedly perceive.

But, it seems more likely that the universe has potential where it can be actualized, than that it is either non-objective or objective specifically.

For, what tells us that it is necessarily one way and not another? That is like imposing a moral paradigm.

It is more like it just IS or ISN'T.

Now we reach the ultimate idea, that THE POTENTIAL IS THE ACTUAL.

The universe itself is undergoing EVOLUTION.

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